Bye Felica!

2017 was a challenging year for this girl! I started off the year trying to “grow” and even started up with this blog again . . . for one measly post!  My 2017 was going somewhere.  And then well life you know decided to be like ‘oh you had plans let me just screw them all up for you!’

So things changed.  My life flipped upside down.  And it was a really challenging time or umm year for me!  But sometimes with hard times you can learn a lot about yourself.  So I kind of decided that I would try to grow and learn and do things I always wanted too. Through this time I spent more time with family and with friends that were there for me through everything!  I was able to spend time working on friendships and had some of the best times! You know who you are! 😉

In spite of all the struggles that 2017 brought I did some amazing things! Like hmm Vegas with my dad to see Willie Nelson, Cuba with my sister, Banff for Canada Day with my girl from Calgary, Toronto and Montreal with my sister Erin, Banff again to see Hilltop Hoods with my two girls Kiera and Maria and a few day trips to Minot (I’ll get to why eventually)!

With all the change that happened I kind of wanted to get away and even doing the above trips I still felt the pull to get away.  So with that I decide to explore the option of traveling and working somewhere other than Canada.  Almost ten years ago I went into Nursing because you were able to travel with it!  But life happened.  I was so happy with where I was and who I was with – I thought I had life planned in Saskatoon or Canada or where ever life led us.  I was content not traveling to far and distant lands to live and work.

But when things changed – why not think about bringing the dream you had over five years ago back to life!  So in the summer of 2017 I started looking into travel nursing in the states! I mean why not! What did I have to lose?

So 2018 is here and I am about to start this new adventure.  Am I crazy?? Probably but whats life without doing crazy things!

So keep tuned!  I’ll soon post about the process and all the hoops I jumped through! So if you want to travel to the states from Canada seriously read on!



the struggle was real.

Okay so in my last post I basically gave away that I was getting out of Saskatchewan.  And not only out of the province but actually out of the country.  So here I am out of Canada about to FINALLY start my job in the USA!  A job I have been working at getting to since about last August.  So 7th months and counting and I am going to finally start a job and lets just say there was about a million hoops to jump through.

All travel nursing whether from Canada or the United States or from another county you have a lot of hoops to jump through before starting your first assignment.  However as a Canadian coming to the USA the number of hoops were outrageous!! Now I wont get into all the issues I have had and all the mistakes I have made – some little some huge! But I will say this process has really pushed me to handle a lot of problems and try not to overreact too much!  Not saying I didn’t overreact but I got really good at being angry/sad for a few hours and then trying to get passed it.  And apparently I did get passed all the issues because I start my new job on MONDAY . . . TOMORROW!

But seriously if there are any Canadians out there wanting to work in the states feel free to contact me.  Honestly I can help you make it a bit smoother! You can learn for me as I literally made every mistake in the book! 🙂

Okay so now that me making a ton of mistakes is out in the open I may as well tell you where I am!! So I am in Ohio.  Now if you are like every other person out there you will exclaim “Why Ohio!?” in a somewhat judgey voice and then move onto “What about your house!?” These quickly got annoying!

However I must admit when I heard Ohio for a potential job I was pretty like “hmm okay gotta get started somewhere…I guess Ohio will be that somewhere” But the more I have researched what to do in and around Ohio the more excited I have become about the idea.  The shows/concerts, the NBA, NHL, MLB games, the shopping and even the museums.

You only have as much fun as you allow yourself too . . . Right?

So here I am sitting in Ohio with the Super Bowl on my computer in the background getting excited about my next three months living and working in Ohio!

I’ll try to post super exciting things . . .

Cheers 🙂

Time to reboot

This year, 2017, I have decided I need to lead a healthier lifestyle.

I know what you’re thinking; you are thinking “you and everyone else”.

But seriously I am actually going to do it this year.  Or at least try my darnedest!

So the way to try and kick start me into this “healthier 2017 self” is to try and complete the WHOLE 30!  Now the big reason to do the whole 30 is to reset your body, figure out what foods you may be sensitive to you and kick start you into a healthier life that isn’t run by all those cravings and such.  Now I am mostly doing it to reset my body and be a bit healthier not so much the food sensitivities part however that seems interesting to figure out too!

Now if you know me at all you know that I am terrible at meal planning, buying groceries, and just cooking in general.  So with that said just buying the groceries for this is going to be a challenge. So anything really will be a success for me!

So begins my preparation for the Whole 30.

Step One: Get the Whole 30 book. Complete: Gifted to me by my lovely sister Erin for Christmas.

Step Two: Meal plan for week one.  Complete: Rough draft.

Step Three: Make a Grocery List. Complete: Hoping everything I need is all included.

And then it BEGINS! 

Day One and Two

Now my first two days of this Whole eating was done at work.  And you know what it didn’t seem so hard! Well I guess I’m off to a good start.

Day Three – Groceries and Preparation Day 

Okay this day was busy!! I woke up feeling good – made some farm fresh eggs and had some fried ham while watching my current show on the go – Revenge. Then I finally got up the energy to leave the house.  Which was hard as it was a bit blustery out this morning!  Well off to Sobeys I went to get some groceries.  And well what usually takes me 15 minutes took me probably an hour.  Which was a bit long and a bit pricey!  I was that person who was looking at the ingredient list of every little thing and trying to figure out if I could have it.  And well there is a lot of stuff out there you can’t have when you take away sugar and any type of preservative! But I was fairly successful however not successful enough that I then trekked to Dads Organic market to get the things I couldn’t at Sobeys.  So now with my first big grocery trip under my belt I headed home to food prep!

So first big food preparation day consisted of my making Hamburger soup (which i could not find beef broth for so used water as a substitute-not sure if it affected the taste), Taco Meat, Salsa and Spinach Quiche.  Lets just say it took me basically all day and relaxing in front of the TV was a blessing that evening!!

Day Four and Five

These two days I worked my 12 hour shifts. I think by this point I was starting to feel a little bit of my sugar withdrawal kicking in as I was having a pretty consistent headache!  The fifth day was the worst!! I had a headache from the moment I woke up and then had a very busy assignment at work and didn’t get a break till about 11 and then not another one till probably 4pm.  It was a rough day trying to stay on track with both the headache and the hunger.  However I made it though and got home around 8:30 to eat my hamburger soup, which for some reason seemed very unappetizing.

Day Six

Today I worked a 9 hour day at my casual job.  So as I didn’t work till 8am I decide to wake up early enough to make myself breakfast at home!  I was told this can be the key to success with the Whole 30 from a few friends who have done it before/are doing it!  When I got home from work that day I made some pumpkin soup and did some relaxing!  I wasn’t feeling to bad at this point! No headache today! Yah!

Day Seven

Today is the day I fall apart.  I woke up this morning feeling very light headed, weak and nauseated.  So I had a feeling my blood sugar was probably low so I headed downstairs (lets just say that was tough) and tried to start making breakfast. However I felt a bit to weak for that so thankfully my boyfriend was able to come over and care for me.  So after getting bit sick I took some gravel and drank some club soda.  This did not help.  And after some research realized that nausea should not happen!  Nothing “Whole 30” approved seemed appetizing or like it would settle my stomach.  So sadly I did a bit of  cheat and I had some bread.  Okay Okay you can gasp now as I kind of did a bit of a fail I guess you could say. I felt super bad about it and tried so hard not to but I felt so bad I just had too.  I then researched what to do you when you do a bit of an opps and the “whole 30” states you must start over! However as I am doing this more for a health kick I have decided not to.  Okay you can gasp again!  I am breaking a rule here.  However I can always try and continue past my day 30 right?  Okay right.  I can try. And I think I learned from this – I need to eat more!! Being at work was hard as I didn’t eat all my meals I was suppose to and probably was slowly hurting myself with that. I am eating all the healthy whole foods one should need – just not enough on them.  I also threw out the rest of my pumpkin soup at this point afraid maybe something was ‘not good’ that I put into it.  I guess moral of this story -I need to work on that eating all my meals.  And eating before I get hungry!

Oh dear.  What will Week Two bring me!

Favourite Recipe of Week One

Crock Pot Butter Chicken with Cauliflower Rice

  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 3-4 cloves garlic, crushed
  • 1 onion, diced
  • 1  + 3/4 cups coconut mix
  • 3/4 tomato paste
  • 2 tablespoons almond flour
  • 2 teaspoons garam masala
  • 1 teaspoon curry powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon ginger powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon chili powder ( I added more as I like a bit more spice!!)
  • Sea salt and black pepper to taste
  • 1.25kg chicken breast cut into small pieces (about 6 breasts)

Now how to make this:

  1. Heat coconut oil in a large saucepan on medium heat.
  2. And onion and garlic. Stirring frequently until the onions have become translucent.
  3. Add coconut milk, tomato paste, almond flour, garam masala, curry powder, chili powder, and ginger powder, stirring until well combined and thickening. Season with salt and pepper.
  4. Now you can add the chicken raw to the crock pot however I choice to brown the chicken prior to adding in.  Heat coconut oil and brown on medium heat.
  5. Add browned chicken to slow cooker then and the sauce and mix!
  6. Cover and cook on low heat for about 5 hour.
  7. Serve.  I like it with cauliflower rice! Yum




Not a Goodbye Just a See You Later

March 10th, 2012

On the 10th of March, Sharaya and myself rode the MRT and then the Sentosa Express to make our way to the Southern Most Point of Continental Asia.  As it turns out this lovely point we were headed to is off the shore of Palawan Beach so we are now able to say yes when people ask us if went to Palawan Beach.  And yes they may be meaning the well known one in the Philippines but they don’t have to know 🙂  Anyways so we enjoyed our time hanging out by the ocean but it was a very hot day so we didn’t stay to long – just enough to enjoy it and not pass out! Later in the afternoon we had our lovely supper and then went back to our room to get all beautiful!!  Now we planned on going to the Raffles Hotel this evening to get Singapore Slings and relax a bit.  So we jumped on the MRT and got off at Raffles Place assuming that the Raffles Hotel would be near by.  Well it wasn’t!  So we headed to iLight instead for the second night!  One of the highlights of the iLight this evening was getting some dirty ice cream.  This basically means that you buy it off the street, however ours was even more dirty as the man would handle the money and the ice cream without washing his hands at all!  So literally dirty!  So after some walking around and checking out more of the iLight we headed back home and asleep 🙂

The long lovely bridge walk to get the Southern Most Point of Continental Asia! 🙂
On this bridge walk we saw the most lovely speedo too. Sadly no photo of that was taken!

At the Southern Most Point of Continental Asia.
After I got my photo taken it took us about ten minutes to get Sharayas as a family just came right in front of us to play in the water just ignoring the fact that we were trying to take a picture!

Palawan Beach – may not be the Philippines Palawan but lets just say it was pretty nice as well!

These lovely things were our supper that evening.  Now probably not the most healthy but so very very delicious!!  They are dutch pancakes but their real name is Poffertjes – and we got ours with icing sugar and butter.  Yum yum!

Checking in the bag during the iLight.

Dirty icecream – One of the most exciting parts of my evening!

March 11th, 2012

Our last day came way to quickly!  Lucky for us we had done everything we had really wanted to so spent the morning lazily going to get a lunch and took a walk down to the bay.  Once at the bay we were instantly hot (you think we would be use to it by now) so we went into the Starbucks by the bay that is indoors (therefore with aircon!) and got a drink and relaxed inside for a bit!  After a relaxing time in the Starbucks by the bay we walk back to our hostel just in time as it started to rain shortly after!  We hung out in our Hostel for afternoon and did our packing until the rain stopped and we got ready and went for supper.  This evening we decided to walk to the Raffles Hotel as we knew how to do that!  Once there we made our way up to the Long Bar picked a table outside and I order a Singapore Sling and Sharaya some nachos.  Lets just say the Singapore Sling was very well made and I wish I could have tasted a few of the other ones they had (there were different flavours such as tropical, spring, winter,courtyard etc.).  Once we were done enjoying ourselves there we walked down to the Esplanade where we listened to some music, Tricia Garcia from the Philippines, at Mosaic Festival. Throughout the show it was sprinkling yet very lovely.  The show ended around 10pm and Sharaya and I made our way back to our hostel as we had a very early morning and day ahead of us!

Merlion at Marina Bay in the day light!

Singapore Sling at the Long Bar!

The Long Bar

Singapore Marina Bay on a beautiful March evening!

I love this city – last night is sad 😦

March 12th, 2012

We headed out from the Hostel at 7:30 am and to the beautiful Singapore airport (Changai Airport) where we hung out until we had our three hour flight to Hong Kong.  Then Hong Kong to Vancouver and Vancouver to Saskatoon.  We spent over 24 hours traveling and finally we made it to the chilly Saskatoon at about 10:30pm on the 12th.  And with that our Journey to the Philippines and Singapore was over.  We saw and did so much and learned just as much and it is definitely a trip to remember!!
As I never finished the times in the Philippines I’ll be sure to do that all in the next few blogs 🙂

On Top Of The World!

Happy to be heading home on the plane but . . .

Sad to be leaving Asia till who knows when!

Last meal in Asia . . . I have come to LOVE rice!!

Goodbye ASIA – We Love You!!

iLight Singapore

March 9th, 2012

The first video is very short as I accidentally stopped it.  The second video is therefore a continuation of the first video and it not only has us talking about March 9th but also a little about March 10th and 11th however I will go into more detail on those days and show pictures from them in the next couple blogs 🙂  As well part two was videoed on the plane so it may be a bit harder to hear sorry!!
It mainly focuses on iLight which was an amazing Art Light Festival going on in Singapore!  So enjoy!! 🙂

The Merlion statue on the bay being lit up 

Merlion Statue x2 

The storage/cargo boxes with light art in the bottom outer boxes.  The ones that look white had a picture/art film playing on them throughout the night. 

Myself at some lights ❤

The world will never stop moving even if you do

There was couches and little areas to sit set up in a parking garage

holla ❤

The Marina Bay

Coral iLight – Philippines/France display by Olivia d’Aboville – bring awareness to the pollution harming the reefs


water and lights

Marina Bay Sands on the left and the Art Science Museum middle right (this is the building Sharaya tried to explain that was like the opening tulip) 

Would you Hop On or Hop Off?

March 8th, 2012 

I dont believe I have to much to add to this other than what was said on the video.  It was a very full day of seeing a lot of things and we are really happy that we did the on off bus instead of walking or taking the MRT everywhere.  With the on off you learned a lot about the city of Singapore and also got to see a lot more by sitting up top the topless bus. Such as how hard and expensive it would be to drive/own a car in Singapore.  As well about the orchards which we touch on in the video.  Also how expensive living would be in Singapore.  So basically if you have caught on it is expensive in Singapore . . . it would be a beautiful city to live in but you would need to have a well paying job in order to live very comfortably in the city.  But I mean it is beautiful so it could be very well worth it!! 🙂

and to end it off here is a market in Little India!