The Beginning of Something New

Welcome to my blog love lost in a writing desk . . . This is something that I have always thought about doing – starting a blog that is.  I always seem to read other peoples and love looking at their photos and see what they are wearing and what their opinions are on different things that are happing in the world or just in their life.  So why not give it a try myself.  Well I guess that is what I am doing as of right now.  I don’t know exactly what I will be writing about or what opinions I will have to share or if they will be of any interest to anyone even but why not give it a shot right.  Seeing as it is my blog I should probably tell you about myself but I already did enough of that in the “about yourself” section so if you want to know just a little bit I am sending you there.  There is not much there but hopefully as I post most and share different things you will slowly be able to piece together who this Brooke is…

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2 thoughts on “The Beginning of Something New

  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. Its a party to which you are fashionably late but you are welcome nonetheless 🙂

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