did someone say karaoke?

So this past weekend my one sister and I traveled a few hours to spend the weekend with one of our other sisters. I knew from the start that we were in for an amazing weekend and well we were not disappointed!  So the trip started off very chill and fun as we all went out for supper (the three girls and my one sisters boyfriend) and were just having a great time hanging out.  When Kennedy (Erins boyfriend) decided to suggest we change the scenery by going to sing karaoke . . .  Okay so this is where we were all a little hesitant but knowing he wanted to just went along with it knowing that none of us would actually get up to sing in front of real people (that is except for our one friend scott who we had met up with).  Anyways the place we ended up going to was just a bunch of private rooms and you paid for a karaoke room . . . sounds kind of lame right…  well actually it is not lame – it was actually rather an amazing amount of fun!!

So you just all go in your room and have a book of songs to pick from … but okay once you pick your song the lights go out and some crazy lasers start going on the walls – it is just wonderful!  So we all rocked out like we never knew we could during karaoke!  Everyone up dancing, singing, laughing – just great times all together!

Defiantly something I think we would all do again – for sure!

Okay so the rest of the weekend was wonderful – chill – the way they should be.  We walked around the farmers market, did some light shopping at a wonderful store called Muse and then had a delicious lunch.  We also took pictures with some beautiful flowers and had a great time!!  The whole weekend was a great time for three out of the four sisters to be together and make some great memories together

So now my mission is to find a sweet as karaoke joint like the one we went to in my very own city so that fun can be experienced again without driving two hours . . .

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