*tap tap tap* Is this thing on?

Think back to a decision you made.  An important decision.  Now if you would have chose a different path and made a different choice in that time how would that have affected your life in the present.  Would you still be living where you are today?  Hang out with the same circle of friends you have been with?  Would you like yourself more or less than you use too?  Would you be a better person for changing that choice you made before; would you feel better if you would have lived that part of your life out differently?

These are questions that I have asked myself.  My sister and I each picked a situation in our lives and if it would have played out differently how it would have affected our lives today.  The things we would have done and the things we would not have done if the decision would have been different made up a pretty good list.  This really got me thinking . . . Thinking about how I would have liked it to play out different but maybe that is because the better alternative has not shown itself yet.  But thinking about how it would have been better truely is not the way to look at it.  Tying to live in the past and wishing it would have changed your future is not a happy time.  I had to change my mind set to see what I would not have – the amazing friends I have made, the trips I have gone on, etc.

Anyways, there really is no point to what I am saying but if i were to make one it would be this . . . To trust in the decisions you make and even if the good that comes out of it was not what you were expecting you need to embrace it –  appreciate what you have and maybe if you’re lucky enough you will get that little extra something you are wishing for deep down.


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