My Superhero’s Special Power

Well superman's powers of course I mean he has so many wonderful powers.

so all of his

If i were to pick one – hmm super speed – then i could be like lets go see the Tower of Pisa and I could just run there real fast.

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4 thoughts on “My Superhero’s Special Power

  1. umm brooke dont you remember that facebook conv we had like a billion years ago? i said that your superhero would be a mix between superman, spiderman, with a mix of claire bennet and storm mixed into it? so now you could make sure its lovely weatehr in Italy w hen you see the Tower of Pisa

    1. hah no but i love that so much!! I mean seeing as I love both superman and spiderman and I look like Claire Bennet and storm is just sweet as!! If i could have a mix that would defiantly be it!! Oh i’ll be sure the weather will be nice!
      What would urs be?

  2. Well im kinda thinking a cross between the beast and mystique from xmen, with some tracey strauss from heroes and aquaman. so i would be a blue super strength having, shapeshifting, ice and water controling, ocean manipulating guy. If that makes anysense at all.. oh…. and a dash of matt parkmens ability!

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