blast from the past

So looking through some old boxes in my bedroom at home I found this speech…It was the Valedictorian Speech my friend and I wrote for our Graduation . . .

We Grow, We Learn, We Seek

Good evening family and friends.  On behalf of our fellow graduates we would like to welcome you here and thank you for coming to celebrate with us.  Graduation is a time to look back on past achievements, celebrate how far we have come, and mark the transition between our youth and our future.

Over the past years we have grown into the people we are today.  You, our parents and teachers, have guided us and helped us through this transition.  You have celebrated with us in our moments of triumph and consoled us in our times of despair.  You have helped shape our characters and prepare us for the world ahead.  you have given us the strength we need and we are now ready to leave the safety of what we have known and face this world on our own.

You, our parents and teachers, have also helped us learn.  From writing our names and reading Shakespeare to learning to be confident and that defeat is only temporary.  These life lessons and book lessons will be with us forever and we will never forget we learned them here, at Manor School.

The theme for tonight is we grow, we learn, we seek.  The Oxford dictionary defines seek as to search for and find.  We have grown, we have learned, and now it is time for us to search and find what the future holds for us.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said “you gain strength, courage, and confidence, by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.  You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.”  We are now equipped with the strength we need to face our challenges and accomplish the things we fear we cannot, but have always dreamed of.

Now as we enter the next chapter of our lives we can use the strength, courage and confidence that has been instilled within us to continue to grow, learn, and seek.



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