Whoa Is Me . . .

Goal Number One

1. Go to the Exhibition and eat mini donuts, a churro (if they have any), and cotton candy!!

Accomplished !!

I’ll tell you about this in order of days.

Day one – with Andrea, Kim, Chad and Nathan – Andrea and I arrived earlier than the rest (which was like 6 probably so not really that early) to take a stroll around the place and then buy MINI DONUTS!! So right of the bat i pretty much did the main goal that I had set out for myself! So then really the joy begins after this when we met up with the others and went to the Down With Webster concert!!  Okay umm words to describe it – epic, lovely, fun time, hot (as in the guys in the band), put your W’s up in the air, oh and I don’t even know what else but they put on a pretty sweet as show is what I am trying to get at here!

So after that concert Kim, Andrea and I decided to try to meet DWW – oh Down with Webster in case you never caught it ;).  Well we waited for many minutes (about like 55 ha – don’t want to sound to crazy saying 60 but you never know) to meet this lovely band with the very good-looking boys!  Well we waited and waited and well finally the one guy came and said hello it was just a swell time for us girls you know b/c we love them duh!  And we gave him our numbers hah – yes we are probably the coolest girls you know – you can admit it its okay!!

Okay shortly after this the night got hmm word to use . . . spicy – yes spicy!  So Nathan asks Brooke the name of one of the Dww members – Brooke obviously says Pat (b/c she loves his style) and then Nathan sneakily says he must go to the WC (oh water closet – thy bathroom if you were thinking hmm what is that even).  Only a moment later does Andrea get a phone call saying it was Pat from DWW and they were wanting us to meet them out! Ya wanting us yes that’s right us to meet them at Tequila at midnight.  Hm wow crazy – so Andrea says yes and goodbye and freaks out. Her and Kim screaming in pure excitement!  Now Chad and I were like laughing and happy and stuff (myself crying b/c of the laughing).  Okay now as you probably have figured out it was not actually Pat but Nathan calling Andrea.  Chad and I knew this the whole time and were like “dang this is a pretty funny prank Nathan thought of but will this girls be mad when they find out.”  So Nathan did tell after we got a picture of the happy moment and the girls were mad.  Okay so overall a very um very!! funny moment and we were lucky enough to capture the moment…

You can see in this the crazy excitement the two girls have and well me just not knowing b/c it is funny but knowing how unimpressed they will be when they find out it was all a joke… oh and Nathan well Nathan his face just explains himself i think – i mean that mouth wide open in joy and the eyes squinting, the multiple chins well you get the point, and then chad angry at the evil Nathan has hah!

So even after that happened we stayed friends hah – it now has a great story with one epic photo.

And to top off that crazy as night we bought cotton candy before we left so i mean there the goal is accomplished – minus the churro but they did not have any – the could have but there were none made when we went so I just decided that it is good if i do the two most important ones considering I had two churros at Disney World not many weeks before that!!

So that was the first night at the ex and I must say that it was pretty much an awesome time!!

Now the second night does not accomplish this goal other than i did have mini donuts again but I mean that was already accomplished!!  So the 2nd night will be covered tomorrow!! And I mean it has a pretty sweet as story as well so just hold on tight b/c another crazy story is coming…

maybe we should call this like story time with Brooke – hmm no we will just keep it as well whatever the heck this even is

but anywho – Chau


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