Exhibition – Hit Two

For this outing to the Ex I was able to have the company of two beautiful ladies that I love dearly!! Joni and Janna!

So the group for exhibition hit two was therefore Joni, Janna, Nathan, Chad and myself.  This evening was the night for Hedley!!

Now before the concert we just did like the walking around the eating (more mini donuts obviously) and well that was about it – then an hour before the concert we decided to begin the wait for HEDLEY.  So we stood and we stood and well we stood more um so basically a lot of standing and like being way to close to like other people (not so hot).  Okay so umm the concert – lovely.  You know nasty the whole being close to people and stuff but I mean the good thing about people pushing forward is you get closer and the really annoying tall people who feel as if they should block others view slowly move out of your way. Okay anyways it gets good here – are you ready – you best be ready – ha – okay Jacob Hoggard jumps into the freaking crowd so everyone jumps towards him and yes my arm was stuck in the air and it touched him ha. But when he went back the crowd like moved back and I just slipped right into the front. so for the last bit of the concert Brooke yes that would be me was in the front row!

*i was not front row yet*

Okay so then the concert ended. We were like dang lets party with Hedley – but oh catch to this where are they even going!? So we used stealth skill and found out they were suppose to be at Tequila – so what do we do but get a little ready at Nathans and head to Tequila.  Okay so this story could now take forever but I will more or else hit the high points (which honestly is the whole night but I’ll keep it short and sweet! :)) Okay so we get there and see Jacob Hoggard b/c he is wearing like his bright orange hat.  So Joni and Janna were not really like so keen on saying hi first so I stepped up in this and went and said hi.. that’s right I said hi. But it was pretty cute b/c he introduced himself to us like “Hi I am Jacob” and shook our hands – like honestly I think we know who you are – but lovely all the same.  Okay so that small talk happened then I asked if he wanted to dance with us and i mean he obviously said yes b/c who would not want to dance with us 😉  So that lasted a bit then he left and we just danced together totally happy with what just happened. Well he came back to us like what three different occasions – yup that’s right he came back to us!  So at this one point I was alone and he like called me over and introduced me to his body guard and called me his next ex-wife (ya not sure if that is like a compliment but we will take it as one okay  ya it is one!! why not!!) so then he was like let’s go dance again and I was like okay so we all like met up again and went dancing.  ya anyways he asked us to leave with him but we were like he is actually kind of gross with that stash and stuff so like brushed it off (that is after he bought us a drink ha) and ya that was like the night.

so that was a pretty short version hah – we may sound like complete losers b/c we are like ahh Jacob Hoggard – but considering he only danced with us three girls out of all the people at Tequila we felt pretty special…so yes we are lame being like so ecstatic about this but I mean give us credit we are girls and well he is pretty famous I must say  . . . so do not judge me by how awesome I think that was!

Now we have a photo on Nathans phone but it is very black and well he does not know how to send it from his phone to my e-mail so once we do figure that out I will try to like brighten it and such things and post it so you all know that this is not a fake hah!!

But anyways enough of this stuff . . .

So what do you have to be looking forward to – basically just a bit about my love for nature and some photos and well yup that is about it – so tomorrow that should be floating your way!!

until then – adios!

**janna, joni, brooke – us being our crazy selves – I<3 us!!**


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