the sun comes up in the morning

Long Weekend – Over 😦

But . . .

Long weekend = Being Very Wonderful 🙂

I will just do a quick little story of the long weekend!! But before the festivities that we call long weekend fun I will first say that I passed my med osce so whoever out there was like shouting up a prayer to the guy up about – thank you!! I appreciate it!! 🙂

Okay weekend now!!

FRIDAY!! This was a day to relax and catch up with friends – the evening started off with our dear friend Kim coming over to share what had been going on in our lives the fast few weeks and it was so awesome to hear everything and catch up!! oh girl time something that has been much needed for way to long! Then off to the fireworks with some other lovely friends!! Oh and the fireworks were amazing – at this point I wish I had of taken my camera – there was defiantly opportunity for some epic pictures!  hah so then the rest of the night Kim and I decided to try something new and hang out with some new people that she sort of new and I had met once – and I must say it was a success hah!  They were fun so it was all good and I even went to Tim Hortons and enjoyed myself (who would have known I would be going the next night as well!!) Enough.

Saturday – Legitimate day!  Berry barn-ed it up with some of our lovely guy friends!!  And then went to check out a lovely place called Poplar Bluffs!!  So after seeing it we decided we have to make a raft so we can raft across the river to like this beautiful island type thing and like relax on it and have a picnic and make sand castles all day – so lets hope the weather stays good long enough for us to be able to do this!!! Photos you ask – why yes a few!

So the rest of the saturday – after we arrived back into the lovely city us two girls left to get ready for the evening which would include more fireworks!! So home we went to get ready and then right back over to the boys house!  We left from there to go to the fireworks where we got some sick seats on the rocks by the river.  Once again they were very good but yes I did not have that silly camera with me so no photos for you! 😦  And well after the fireworks a lovely time at Tim Hortons!  hah who would have though me Brooke would go to Tims two nights in a row!! Whoa! Crazy as!!

Anyways I’ll tell you my sunday tomorrow most likely but for no this is it… so I will add a video of a song I like and well enjoy!!

It is a fairly old song/video but the video I just love!! I remember watching it when I was like much younger and thinking that I did like it and look here but I found it for you!

The animation is just well hmm wonderful!!  The little men in it with their skinny legs and long feet – just I don’t even know the rate of it and everything hah – well straight up i enjoy it! I hope you do too!!


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