So much you just don’t know

This has been way to long and this thought just came to me and even though it is late I am going to run together a quick post for you all!!!

Okay so you ever want to say something and don’t know how because you just are not sure what someone will think of it .

It could be anything – I mean we have all felt this way before right . . . I mean I know I have . . . anything . . . think . . .

Maybe something as simple as something you love to eat (okay lame I know I couldn’t think of a simple one) or like what you secretly love to do, or where you were the night before or maybe just the plain truth about who you are or something you believe in.

So many things we think are so hard to share but why… I mean we should be proud of who we are and what we believe in right – so why do you tend to hide the most important things about you or cover them up by doing stuff that is just not “who we truly are”  Well I guess if we keep doing stuff that is “not us” we will soon no longer be that person and become the person we never wanted to be.  Something I do not want to happen to me.  For myself I have in my mind who I want to be when I ‘grow up’ and I need to understand that I am growing up way faster than I thought and kind of need to get back on that path to being who I want and who God wants me to be.  So ya my mission – to do just that . . . be truthful to myself and to trust in God and that he will lead me down the path that was created for me!

So I don’t really know where I was going with this but what I am getting at is that honesty is so important I guess and just trusting in yourself and to be proud of who you are and where you came from!!


2 thoughts on “So much you just don’t know

  1. Hey Brooke,
    now i have to leave a comment.

    Thank you for all the encouraging words you just wrote up there it is exactly how I am living right. Thank you so much for giving me a push that I had to get to go on the right track again and be who I really am.

    Cheers Erwin

    And have a very blessed day.

    1. Thank you so much Erwin!!
      That means a lot to me and it is awesome to hear that my thoughts on this helped you out a little bit!!
      Last night I just starting thinking about all that and realized how important it is and how I really need to start working at being on that track again and having it move forward!!


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