a wandering wonder . . .

Have you even wanted to go somewhere – somewhere you use to love.

I want to go to the middle of no where – to where there are endless trees – where there is silence – where I am alone . . .

Get away from the lights, the cars, the people, the fast paced life, the pressure of the world, the noise – the continuous noise . . .

I want to stand there – I want to wonder in my silence – have the chance with no distractions – just to wonder – have the chance to complete these thoughts I have had – think them through – get passed them and get on.

Wondering gets you no where – it keeps you where you are – keeps you looking back – always wondering that silly what if – yet I continually do it knowing full well that it is useless . . .

Anyways I like to call it a wandering wonder it gets you no where; you will always be wandering – wandering to no end – to no point with a clear answer – a wandering wonder . . .

Anyways food for thought I guess – do you have any wandering wonders of your own?

*photo to go with – to come soon*


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