jumble mumble

So I have been so busy and have hardly had time to breathe when I realized how long it had been since I have blogged and was like whoooo — not cool must blog!!  So here I am – so I am thinking about how random my thoughts always are and that they are like super scattered sometimes when there is like so much going on in life (like currently!!)  So I have like random things to share with you – some sweet as videos and what not!! Okay be ready for like random things – are you ready – okay!

First on the list sometimes school and life can get you down.  When this happens you just need something to make you smile!! So what do you do – well what do I do . . . Well I either watch those silly Harvard Sailing Team videos that I posted like a few posts down b/c they could make anyone smile I am sure OR I found a sweet new video – I LOVE IT!!  I mean cute funny – lovely!!

HERE – I Introduce you to Marcel The Shell With Shoes On!!

So then usually sadness will flourish into wonderful happiness and some laughs you know right okay on to the next one!!

SECOND – Just something I am trying to decide – Brooke’s birthday is coming up!! What should she do!?  Okay so I am thinking something epic obviously!!  Now one thing I kind of think a themed party would be sweet as!! Any idea of themes!? HELP!!

Okay THIRD!  Music that I have been enjoying lately! Now I will just put like this one song umm called We No Speak Americano and then I found like this cool remix which is really like pretty long so just like listen to it while doing something so you don’t waste to much of your life!! ( I mean Major Lazer is in it so I mean right there makes it good!!)

Okay FOURTH – Serious – Trust is hard – As from my last post *death on the sheets* you can tell that trust is not easy – I guess I kind of like implied that if you like read between the lines you may have already known I thought this! Anyways trusting to soon seems to get you in like a time of no fun!! So that is something I have learned – being used happens – so I guess I must just like roll with it or something – you know not let that happen again so easily – easier said than done but I guess we will see how that all pans out!!!  Okay that was like a brief serious update of last post and my life and well the videos from THOUGHT ONE and i guess the videos from THOUGHT THREE help with that to be all okay!! So once again lets move right along . . .

Thought FIVE – okay so I don’t really have much else considering like all I do is NOTHING – okay not nothing but school stuff which is LAME!! But I will just let you know what is coming your way hopefully tomorrow – DECENTRALIZED DANCE PARTY!!!  I will come at you with photos, information, videos of our cities DDP!!  It was pretty epic and definitely out rules like anything else that has happened in this city for a while!!! So just hold on tight b/c soon you will have a crazy ride looking through the awesome night that was had!!

Anyways stay classy!!!


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