ddp + saskatoon = epic!


This was the greatest time I have had in the big bad city since moving off the lovely peaceful farm!  We were not even going to attend as we were not really sure what was to be expected but we decided it was the best idea to at least go check it out – I mean no harm in checking it out!  So my sister (Dre) and some of our super awesome guy friends came out and we rocked that DDP!!  So here is a picture of myself with the guys who actually went home to change into a sick outfit after seeing what other people were dressed in – which was awesome and they looked just rocking as you can tell!!

The event made it into the paper – check out what they thought about the DDP!!!

This website has some sweet as pictures as well – I could not copy them into here so you just have to go the website all on your own!! But it is defiantly worth it!!

Okay I could add like tons more photos but I do not want to bore you hah!! Anyways you can kind of see the crazy as amount of people who were at this awesome event!!  It was seriously the most fun I have had in a very long time!!  I got on top of that fountain after some hesitancy and maybe someone just picking me up and making me do it – but it was awesome even if I was only up there for a short little bit of time at least now I can say I danced on the Fountain of Youth!  Epic times were had!

So they are supposed to come back in like the spring and I also heard they were going to be at the city nearest me in December – if so I am there hah!!  This time is one that everyone should have – EPIC!

YMCA under the bridge!  Limbo under the bridge!  Journey at the Vimmy Ridge Memorial!  Fountain dancing at the fountain (obviously)!  Dancing while walking – dancing on benches!  EPIC is just one word to describe it!


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