what turns them away . . .

My first time at Young Adults at my church the other evening the Pastor put out the question of why teenagers or young adults are turning away from God and their relationship with him . . .

There were numerous answers some such as lack of knowledge, no foundation, no one there to tell you to go (moving away from home to new place), too much going on such as focusing on education and your future, lack of community . . . as well as other ones too . . .

So I have a take on why – and I never voiced it there and I probably should have because it is how I feel about this from personal experiences but I’ll make for it by blogging it – I think that will suffice  . . .

So I feel as if young people today are turning away from God because of the way our generation is kind of – maybe just lost and very focused on our  needs and not other people’s – I may be off with this but this is just a thought. . .

The Christian friends you have should be the ones who are there for you through the thick and the thin – the people you can go to talk to for support when you are going through a rough patch and so forth.  Now from what I have experienced with some of my Christian friends is the exact opposite – they see something you did wrong and label you as ‘changed’ and decide you are not worth any effort anymore.  This is something that would turn a young Christian who does not have a strong foundation down another path.  That is not an example of what a Christian should be – who wants to be that? . . . If you are a struggling young christian or new to it all and you see Christian people treating each other in that way – what would make you want to be like that – nothing – if those who are supposed to be strong Christian people are treating each other in those ways – you will not want to be a part of that.

This has just all been pressing on my heart lately – and I totally understand that no one is perfect and we will do or say things to people that is wrong and not right but we can learn through making that mistake and come out stronger.  I just feel like as Christians we are so much harder on each other – which can be good but from what I have experienced or have seen we are harder on each other in a negative way when we should be pushing each other to become stronger and more united as a community.  Also the amount we judge each other is outrageous – and again we are going to do it even if we do not intentionally mean too.  It just does not make sense to me that we look at mistakes we or someone has made and hold onto that when really we should like figure out why it was wrong and give it up to God and learn from it – but if our fellow Christians can’t even understand that what you made was a mistake and continually judge you on it and hold onto it –  it is so much harder for you to forgive yourself.  Anyways, it is so important for us to build each other up but when we give up on each other when we need it the most and don’t have a strong community formed it will not happen – we will have a much harder time growing stronger and building our faith when we are alone.

Okay that is just how I have being seeing things lately – and defiantly not everyone is like this and some people really work hard at building a community and I totally love that!  And I think realizing this is going to push me to work harder at being someone who can be that light in other people’s lives – and I need to work on myself and be at peace with where I am at first before I can start being completely present with others – but that is what I want to work at and accomplish – because I want to become more active in a community of believers and build each other up!!  I have not really had that since high school and I think it is so important and I am super excited to start a journey to doing that!!

“I appeal to you, brothers, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree with one another so that there may be no divisions among you and that you may be perfectly united in mind and thought.”  1 Corinthians 1:10 NIV

“Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young.  Be an example to all believers in what you teach, in the way live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.”  1 Timothy 4:12 NLT


I would love to get your comments and opinions on this!! So please share whatever is on your heart – it will be greatly appreciated!!


6 thoughts on “what turns them away . . .

  1. I’m so glad you’re blogging! I’ve helped with young adults programs in a few different churches and I rarely see a functioning program. Its so hard to get young adults excited about church. Keep taking on this issue. Its so difficult but so important.

    1. Thanks!!

      Ya I have been going to a young adults and a different church for awhile now and its interesting how I have not even met the pastor who speaks yet or met to many of the people who have been going there for much longer!

      It was nice when I went to the one at my church because everyone was so welcoming – there was a new pastor speaking and he came up and talked to us and was so welcoming as well as the people who have been going there – I feel like that is the kind of community that I want and it is so refreshing to see a group be so welcoming!!

      But it is so hard to get excited b/c there is so much going on right now with life and school and being on your own – it is a struggle for sure but a super important one to overcome because with God you can really do anything which will make all those things (school, etc.) so much better!

  2. Good post friend! I wouldn’t limit these observations to “young adult Christians”. You see this in the Church all the way around. The issues may change, but the process is the same. Thanks for reading my blog. It was great to meet you today.

    1. That is true that it is seen in the church at different ages not just the young adults. I guess I just focused more on that considering that is what group I would be lumped into!

      but thank you for reading my blog – I am excited to see more from you!

  3. These are some really great thoughts! I’ve found that creating a tight community in the city can be soo hard! I’ve kinda just stopped trying at school… it’s hard to connect with a lot of our classmates. Everyone has something different going on in their lives, different circles of friends etc. Honestly school can be lonely even when your with 200 people in a lecture hall. And it’s hard to be a light there too… i guess i’m just frustrated at the way a city works and at myself for not trying hard enough. I love hanging out with my friends that i’ve made at my church… but now it’s almost hard to make friends beyond that, especially with time constraints with school, work etc. I guess i’m just saying I wish we had more of a community at school, where we felt confident in our faith and wanted to share it with others and bring them hope. It is our “workplace” after all.

    1. Ah Kirsten I so agree and feel the same way!!
      School is so hard – I feel like we are all so separated and we would never hang out outside of school unless it is for some event that has been planned which just consists of everyone getting drunk! I would love to get to know the people in our class on more of a personal level and be free and comfortable sharing my faith with them! It would be awesome to start a little community of ours in school and on our campus!
      But ya the city is very hard and I feel like even within the church I am entering into an already formed circle/community and it is very hard to connect and be a part of that group. However, at Elim (even though I have only gone twice now :)) I am starting to feel more welcomed then any other one I have gone to which is awesome!!

      Maybe we need to start trying to do stuff together outside of school more – because I miss you!!!

      p.s i loved seeing you today even if it was only for like a little walk!

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