typical thanksgiving . . .

So the Thanksgiving season was just upon us . . . so typically we should all be like super thankful and tell everybody why we are . . .

So the beginning of the weekend was Friday and I wrote a test and was pretty sure I did not pass – so was like super down and just not impressed with myself, and life, and nursing . . . just a Negative Nelly I was . . . so was thinking it was going to be a rough weekend trying to be all thankful and such things as that . . . this would make for a rough Thanksgiving right – yes I would think!

But the next day I had an e-mail saying we all passed and could relax and enjoy our Thanksgiving!! So I was super thankful at that moment that I had passed and my hatred for school dwindled a bit – which is good!!  So now I am going to be super awesome and just share a few things that I am thankful for!! There truly is a ton but I will cut it down so you wont have to get bored and stop reading (that is if you have not already :))

1. I am thankful for my family – they are all so wonderful and supportive – they are there whenever you need them most and are the ones who will never leave your side when you need them the most – I love my parents and my sisters and my brother-in-law and my grandmas and everyone else in the family! – I am so thankful for all of them and done know what I would do without them!!

2. For all my friends – I have so many to be thankful for – the new and the old – my best friend who is also my sister and for the wonderful Kim who I have not been friends with for very long but is SO awesome!!  As well as our little group of guy friends – they are amazing and so awesome to be with!

3. For the farm – being able to go home to the farm when I have time off of school or just a few days to go and relax – everything about it I love – the peacefulness of it – how quiet it can be – the fact that my family is there and I can spend time with them! Everything that is on the farm – the kittens that we have, our dog Indy, my three horses (Dancer, Winston and Trigger) and everything else!!

Okay and like so many other things – like how i have had amazing travel opportunities, being able to go to school and get an eduction (I may complain about this a ton – and that is very bad!), having a car (lame but true), and like everything that I have basically I am thankful for hah!!

What are you thankful for!?

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.” Psalms 107:1

My lovely sister and best friend (Dre!) driving back to the city from our farm – 😦


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