I once went to a BBQ and didn’t have a hamburger . . .

Today is a wednesday.

I typically like Wednesdays.

So I have not done this for awhile and feel like out of my ‘blogging’ roll.  Sometimes I have like 6 zillion ideas rolling around in my mind and sometimes like this time i am like oh dear what could I even say that would amuse people.

So I am going to stay some awesome quotes from the past – ones that people said and I loved or what not . . .

“hi is this 1105” miranda asks
“yes it is” replies man in Bathrobe
“oh we have the wrong house” miranda says
then brooke and her walk away and into the car . . .

“There are so many cute old men – why are none of them our age . . . ?”

“Hot and bothered” – times in India – this may have been the main heading on a newspaper . . .

“I am sweating like I am playing an intense game of soccer”

So yup just some great old things said by myself or some of those closest to myself. So i hope you enjoyed even though you really probably just confused as to why they have any meaning or importance to you – well they dont really but I still hope you enjoyed them even a tad.

So after this weekend I will I think have more substance to write about and not so ‘blah’ – some awesome stories I think will be heading your way as well as some hopefully epic pictures!!


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