oh the elements

The things I could write about are endless – how often does that happen – its rare – so I will tell you all about Halloween because that is like the largest thing…

Saturday evening – the night we celebrate our halloween . . .

Photo Scavenger Hunt . . . boys against girls . . .

The list:

1. Picture of EVERYONE in a shopping cart.

2. Drive through a Drive-through just for fun.

3. Doing something illegal.

4. On a bridge.

5. With someone else who is dressed up.

6. Doing a cartwheel or hand stand in Tree Park

7. Get a kiss on the cheek with lipstick that stays

8. Get $0.50 worth of gas.

9. A picture in a cave

10. Picture at a house party.

11. A picture with a halloween decorated house

Time count – One and a half hours to complete them all.

Who wins – The Girls – who lost one point for not having everyone in the shopping cart but only TWO out of the THREE.

And the dear boys didn’t even complete it – without getting a picture on a bridge (which is easy considering the number of bridges we have . . .)

So basically it was an epic night with that – chilling at the house – watching Nightmare on Elm Street . . . a lovely chill halloween . . .

now to share a few pictures.

Okay so we have whatever Nathan was – maybe a little boy with the Grim Reaper creeping behind (?), Jared as Kick Ass, Chad as Phantom of the Opera, Carson as a hockey player (he had to actually play hockey so could not come on the hunt :()  Then us girls were the four elements – now yes there only three of us so how do you get four – Andrea dressed as two WIND and WATER seeing as they are like similar colors, Kim as FIRE, and myself as EARTH.


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