life. love. but mostly pixie dust.

i just want to put things i love.

like the idea of pixie dust and fairies and fairy tales. it sounds magical.

i want a fairy tale ending. i want a movie meeting.

but anyways – a few videos a few photos from myself and a quick thought here and there!

so i hope you enjoy

#1 Video – Alexander Mcqueen Tribute by Gianfranco Reni Fall Winter 2010/2011

I love this show – the detail that is in it makes me so happy. for one i love feathers and some of those outfits have the most amazing feather patterns and detail that just makes me fall in love with it and want it so much. it is even in the shoes i mean who does not want feathers on your shoes. however they could get like matted and gross fast but. still.  okay and this may sound odd but i love the masks (gas mask type style) and that bird type beak the one girl has.  i love that style of creativity. it makes me happy.  it is chic yet mysterious.  plus the music (chemical brothers – come with us) is epic and i mean who wouldn’t like it.  it ends off with missy elliot. 🙂

#2 Photos

These are just some photos I took myself – just a few – most of the ones i really like have probably been put up. probably


#3 A Secret Garden

the above picture (which was taken in Florida in the Everglades) makes me think how amazing it would be to having my very own secret garden.  it would be peaceful. serene. just like the picture i took here. calm. peace.

so the secret garden would be an amazing place to do what i love which would be take pictures. to draw. to imagine.  to design. to clear the mind.  it gets cluttered in our busy world and i think everyone needs their very own secret garden to unwind in.  to stop being so serious and enjoy a moment.  weather it actually be a garden or just a ‘secret’ place you can do this.


This seems to be enough for now because I want to go to sleep – sleep is one of my favorite things – this may not be ‘cool’ but i find it very lovely!  and then maybe i will have energy to maybe like set up my room a bit more even if i have been here for two months i still have stuff to do – that is if i get my studying done – blah.

cheers . . .



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