many returns of the day

This was a ‘draft’ for a while. so it will be as if it were posted when it was written which would be Thursday.

Today I turned Twenty years old.  I have mixed feelings about this day.  I am excited it was my birthday and that people say happy birthday and it is nice.  But I am no longer a teenager.  This I find sad.  It is what I like to call my quarter-life crisis.  So the other day I went and bought shoes – and it helped a bit.  And I have another pair that is like being watched because I am going to buy them next chance I get!!

So the twentieth birthday.  You may ask what I did.  I mean it is twenty it should be crazy.  Well I guess last night was more crazy when I went out with friends but maybe I will save that till tomorrow and can put some pictures up too.  But today (November 11th – the official day of my birth) I woke up and headed to the Remembrance Day Service with Andrea, Amber and Brendan (my family who lives in Saskatoon – 2 sisters and brother-in-law).  I have never missed a Remembrance Day service and I guess it is just how my birthday always starts off – which makes for some nice consistency 🙂  So after that we went back to Amber and Brendan’s and had some waffles and then sat on the couch and just relaxed till about 4 thirty.  At this time Andrea and I went home and got ready and we all went to a lovely restaurant called Las Palopas.  Oh and here I opened my lovely Birthday gifts from them which I must say were AMAZING.  The one a massage which will come in so wonderfully handy when I am done school as I was wanting to get one then anyways!  And then Andrea got me these lovely Alice in Wonderland cups (which you should know I LOVE Alice in Wonderland) that are from Disneyworld!! I wanted them when we were there and never got them and was sad but then now i have them and they go so wonderfully with my Alice in Wonderland tea press – ah how i love my life! 🙂

Okay umm so then after that we went and got a starbucks and then watched CSI. And that was my birthday… it was nice i went to bed at like 10:30 (which is allowed because I am officially OLD!). Ah yes good good!!


Birthday – complete

But will continue on FRIDAY as my parents are coming into the city for the weekend!!


Until then – Cheers.


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