Ah it has been a time since I last did something such as post on my blog – so the time has come for me to add something new to this world and try to share an ounce of what has been occurring . . . so now the decision is of what to share . . .

First maybe the reason for my lack of these things we call blogs, then maybe about my ever so lovely Christmas holiday (which i may add is still happening 🙂 )

So the reason for a hold on things – one of my dearest possessions is well broken – if you do not already know what I am eluding to it is my mac:my Anderson Cooper:my silver fox:ac:the mac bookpro.  So it has been about a month since we have truly been together both in amazing working order 😦  So as this problem is still not figured out my access to a computer to do this has decreased and I also have no photos to share of this festive season 😦

As for the Christmas season – it has been amazing – filled with friends (a wonderful Christmas party the last day in S’toon we had before heading home), family 🙂 , gifts, food, and ‘good wholesome family fun’ to top it off.  I don’t really want to share too much on some of the amazing stuff I have done so far as i do not have photos to share with it and i mean that makes it all the better.

I guess just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas even if it is a tad late and just to remember the reason we all celebrate this season.

 Matthew 1:18-25

Merry Christmas!!


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