I will now leave you 2010 and welcome you 2011.

Year 2010 –> Year 2011

So as it is a new year and the old year has passed (super deep right?) I am going to go through my highlights of 2010 and the points  I enjoyed most about it . . . and then I may just share my resolutions/things I want to accomplish in 2011!!

So highlights – I found a note I had made on facebook with highlights from my year month my month – sadly i stopped doing it once summer hit but I am sure without it i will be able to think of highlights from those months as well 🙂

So here is for the highlights!!

– Going to Michael Jackson Tribute Concert at the Casino Regina Show Lounge with Andrea And Erin!! What an amazing experience I especially liked when i yelled out i love you Michael and a lull in the music hah… OH man what an amazing time… Bishop Soul could dance and sing and everything like MJ so great!!

– The Voge L.A.M.B Fashion Show to raise money for Haiti’s Gods Littlest Angels!! It was so amazing being part of such an amazing fundraiser and meeting some really amazing people!!

This trip was pretty much an amazing time and yup just the greatest thing ever hah. A great summer vacation after WAY too much school! Plenty of fun times to be had and well I might as well share a few of them with you just so you feel well umm special!! So we did things that ranged from eating alligator meat to doing the Hollywood Tower of Terror twice in a row. I tried frog legs which we rather chewy but well all the same. Rode front row of THE HULK – probably the greatest feeling ever. I took a trip with Harry Potter in Hogwarts and cooled off after with a wonderful Butterbeer! I went back in time and had a feast white Knights jousted. I saw a baby alligator and it was cute! I learned to swim like a mermaid in the pool while it was raining. And Erin and Andrea were able to pop-a-wheely while riding with ET. Well that is honestly just a small taste of the amazing things we did during our family vacation!! Just check out the pictures it may help you get a better taste of the amazing that were to be had!!

– Meeting the most amazing girl ever!! Kimberly Toews!!! So happy that we met her!! Our group would not be same without her!!! I love her dearly and everything we have done together!!

– Having Joni and Janna to stay with me in the city to go to the exhibition and go to the Hedley concert – as well as dance with Jacob Hoggard with them!! Would not have wanted to do it with anyone but you lovely ladies ❤

– Going home for a week with Amber in the summer to spend some time with dad – it was so relaxing and a lot of fun – we put out a trail cam and would check it every day to see what kind of deer we got on camera the day before, also going for a drive around the country side and stopping for ice cream – a lovely time at home!!

– Going to the lake with a few of the friends – it was not the nicest weekend but still it was a great time with great people who i love dearly so yah 🙂

– Far East Movement with Thomas – enough said.

– BIRTHDAYS!! my own birthday like few days with family and with friends amazing times and a great week and then like right after Kim’s birthday in the hotel!! super fun and I love my friends and who I was with!! There is no way they could be replaced.  I have probably mentioned my friends like 100 times and how much I love them but I CANT HELP IT!!  Anyways the birthdays were amazing and lovely

– Football parties – making supper together and watching the game and just hanging out.

– Pool party at Bryces!! Super fun time!!  Just hanging out in the pool for hours and then in the hot tub for ever and then by the fire having smores!! It was amazing!! Chad and I hung out in the pool the longest just swimming around and loving life!!  It was kind of gross with all the bugs in the water but I mean whatever that is just the price you pay to have fun . . .

– CHRISTMAS — not only Christmas at home but the Christmas party we had with a few friends at our house before going to the farm for Christmas.

Okay that is enough of those highlights even though I could probably go on forever!!!


Okay so i have a few i guess one is very measurable while another one is not really that measurable at all and I really have no idea how to go about it and it scares me . . . a lot.

So the easy(ish) 1st one is to get back on track with working out and do the 30 day bootcamp with my sister (which we have done 5 days of so far!!) It is very intense I guess you could say and it takes up time but I do know that I will feel better after doing it and that is important!  I am excited to start working out regularly throughout the year and hopefully for my life – you have to start somewhere and 2011 is that time!!

Umm to do more things I love to do.  I love drawing and sewing and scrapbooking and taking pictures and videos and editing them – i find it relaxing and just a way for me to express my thoughts and feelings in a different way than just words as sometimes I am not the greatest with words.  I hope that this year I can find more time to do what I enjoy and what I love and not just things that need to be done and what I think I need to spend my time doing.

Another one that I guess you may not say is ‘hard’ is to just spend more time with God – in his word and with people who are uplifting and there to keep me accountable for my actions – it is so important to have that as I have mentioned before in my blogs and I still believe.  It is so hard I find and there are things that have happened in S’toon that make me feel very alone in this and that is something I want to work on eliminating (that feeling I guess).  And that is kind of what will push me to accomplish my one goal.

So this goal that I am super scared to work at has to do with my friendship with someone.  We kind of ended on really bad terms I guess and I think about them everyday and how awesome it was to be with them.  I just want to talk with them and be civil and be able to get even an inch closer to what we use to be.  Anything – I just need to get the courage to ask them to meet and talk so we can iron out what happened and our differences and be okay . . . it is my goal and my dream I guess for this year . . . the sooner it is accomplished the better I will feel and maybe the more at ease my heart will become . . .

Umm so for goals I guess of 2011 that is pretty much it – I guess my vision for 2011 is it to be amazing for there to be change for me to just overall become a better person (which is totally cliché I guess) and to work towards the women I want to be.  Maybe even throughout the year I will be able to have more of a vision of what I want to do in my life and where God wants to put me.

So anyways I hope you made it this far and did not fall asleep on your keyboard reading this CRAZY AS long post!!  Oh also I wish to blog more and do it more regularly!! So if there is anything you want to hear about from my life what I think about things please comment let me know what you think what I should be doing different!! I love comments and feedback!!!

Well this shall be the end . . .

Welcome 2011


5 thoughts on “I will now leave you 2010 and welcome you 2011.

  1. brooke you are an amazing person! this almost made me want to cry. you are such a beautiful person inside and out and it’s a blessing to have you in my life. 2010 wouldn’t have been the same without you!! i hope i can be a part of your life for many many more years. i want to be alongside you to help you accomplish your goals for 2011. you are such a… happy person! full of life and love. now before i get any more cheesie… love you to pieces! all the best in 2011

    1. Ah!!!
      I love you so much too!!
      And I cant not wait to have memories like these past ones (but better) for YEARS to come!!! And you being part of my goals will be AMAZING!!!
      ❤ you!!!

    you are simply amazing, and my life wouldn’t be the same without you. You help me so much everyday you don’t even understand. I am praying for you! And I am always here ffor you. xo

    1. Oh my word!!
      This is the first time you have commented on my blog and well it just made my day!!! 🙂
      Thank you tons!!
      And I am super happy you are my sister and well BEST FRIEND!!! You help me too and I definantly happy to be able to spend a ton of time with you and talk with you and stuff like that.

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