have you ever felt alone in a city with 202,340 people?

I used to feel so alone in the city.
All those gazillions of people and
then me, on the outside. Because
how do you meet a new person?
I was very stumped by this for many
years. And then I realized, you just
say, Hi. They may ignore you. Or
you may marry them. And that
possibility is worth that one word.

– Augusten Burroughs

I may not go up to someone and say hi in those hopes

but even so should i not say hi

the least i can do is say hello to a stranger

maybe they are a bit more confused or alone than i feel myself

maybe a hello will make those feelings dissipate at least a bit

at least for a while.


What can one do to feel alive?

shall they fill their time with things they would enjoy

do the things they have not for months or maybe years.

I believe the things you enjoy should bring you happiness

on some level.

To try some things is a challenge

a step to be taken in faith

in trust

in love

in friendship.


Therefore to you I say ‘hello’.

Want to help me start over –

be who i want to be

doing the things i enjoy?


2 thoughts on “202,340

  1. brooke, it’s me again! i just had to comment on this blog.
    you’re an amazing writer!! this blog was such an inspiration and encouragement. thank you so much for that! i was thinking.. you should write a “blog book” haha that sounds funny. but really, you have a gift and even though you are already using this gift by writing for all your friends to read, the world needs to hear your writing and be encouraged by this gift God has given you.
    i love you and look forward to reading your next blog.

    1. aww oh my word Kim!!
      You are so sweet and thank you so much for loving it and thinking that!! I really enjoy doing this so I am happy that you find it awesome and inspiring and encouraging b/c that is one of the things I want it to be for whoever reads it wheather they know me or not!!
      So thank you so much!!
      Ah a blog book!! What a great idea!! Maybe one day when I have more than like 40 blog posts

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