’cause i’m looking for my friend

The other day I found my new favorite artist (of right now at least 🙂 ) and I think everyone should listen to a few of my favorite songs.  Now my sister says they are like sad or something but then I showed her a lovely one the other night called Dance,Dance,Dance and well all i can say is dance party in the living room!  So her name is Lykke Li and not only do I love her music but I love her style (her fashion sense is amazing to me and I want her clothes!) also her hair is just always lovely – I love buns and I love center parts (I am trying to rock them but it is hard!!) so ya just awesome!!  Here are a few videos for you to enjoy . . . I’ll put two but then I’ll just write a few other songs you should listen to underneath 🙂

The next song I absolutely love and yes it may be repetitive but I dont even care it is like her voice and the words and I just love it so much.  Now it is the live acoustic take but there is a different verison that is well not live acousitc but I dont like it as much!! So here is Tonight!

Okay so now for a HUGE list of other songs I love by her (or that she is like featuring in . . . )

I”m Good, I’m Gone

Little Bit (I enjoy the video to this one actually . . . her hair is very nice . . . I love buns!)

Time Flies

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

Melodies and Desires

Paris Blue

Breaking it up


Let It Fall

Kanye West Feat. Lykke Li & Santogold – Gifted

Kleerup feat. Lykke Li – Until we Bleed

So now that you have like a ton of listening to do I will leave you to start it!!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and that you share her music with your lovely friends!! 🙂  Oh and I would love to hear if you like the songs I put up here or any of the other ones I listed – do you like her!? What is your favorite song!?  I love your feedback!! 🙂


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