~- wishey washey -~

The other day I was asked ‘how is your week going?’

I answered the question with the reply of ‘wishey washey’

What does that even mean . . . so seeing as I said it myself I was like well I guess I better figure out what I even mean by saying such a silly thing.  So hmm here goes . . . and maybe this is right and maybe wrong but hopefully it sounds good 🙂

So wishey washey – makes me think of like going back and forth . . . up then down . . . a river is kind of like wishey washey . . . the river goes, goes up it goes back it goes to the side . . .  it moves around a lot.

My life is like a river it keeps going no matter what – if you don’t like what just happened you can’t go back upstream you’re in that river following its current forever.  Maybe if your lucky you’ll hit a fork in your river and you will get to push yourself the way you want.  I feel like my river (my lovely fresh water river that sparkles 🙂 ) is starting to get real rough – there are rapids – no longer is it a float down a river but a bother – it is becoming harder.   Things are coming together yet falling apart all at the same time.  I don’t know if I missed a fork in my river or maybe I picked a bad direction in my past to bring me to this rough part.

I want to float.  Down my river with the sun and then with the stars.  To be free – not to fight anything that is coming – to be at peace.

Maybe I feel like my puzzle has crumbled into pieces and I have to put it back together. Usually when I feel like pieces are falling away I do something I love.  Tonight feeling just lost I guess – I drew – I did what I love – I may not be talented at it but I did it.  I worked on something.  And lucky for you my friday night – I drew – I took a photo and now I am writing to you – and going to share with you.


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