Ah!! So I looked back into some of my blogs and dang are they good hah!! But no there has been one I have been thinking about that I did like way back when I started blogging – it had a short list of things I wanted to do – and I have done maybe one of them.  There is no reason for my to not be doing these things I want to do so I am going to put them on here again and really try to do them!! I might need your help to push me to do it!!

I have always wanted a routine in my life because that just seems easy but really I do have a very routine life – I could tell you my day-to-day life of the week and probably the weekend too.  So I really want to shake it up!! 🙂

So I grabbed a few things from that list that I will try to do as soon as I can!

– Sew together an amazing dress and go out in it!!

Oh and to expand on the above – Do a photo shoot with a  friend (probably my lovely sister) in looks i have created!

Have a candy party that me and my friends always talk about – decorate it super bright and fun just like candy is and then bring your favorite type of candy to the party!

Dress up like its Halloween with my friends – but obviously not on Halloween – and probably, yes, go out like this . . . by what should i be??

So this is just a few – and doing them would make me happy.  And lately I feel like I need to work on being a happier person hah!! 🙂 So hence shaking it up and doing stuff that people normally don’t just do . . .

I am super pumped right now about this so lets hope it works


Oh and p.s if you have been following my blog – you would know that one of my resolutions or goals was to do a 30 day bootcamp with my sister!!  Well you will be pleased to know that we have completed 20 days and took only one day in amongst there for a break!! So ten more days of it and then the 30 days will be complete!! Yah I am super happy about it b/c it has been hard but so far rewarding 🙂





2 thoughts on “redo.

  1. i really really really want to do a photo shoot. we should do a spring one and than in the summer you can make another set of dresses and we can do a fall one!

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