a photo.

Photography is beautiful.  Photography is an outlet – a way a person can share their view and their ideas – it is a way to tell a story.

Photography is an art.

Here is some photography that I came across and enjoyed – I hope you enjoy it as well.


1. Google Search of Robert Pattinson. 2 + 3. http://www.yanickdery.com/ 4 + 5. http://www.manpreetphotography.co m/about/about.htm  6 + 7.  http://www.yves-lavallette.com/index.htm 8.  http://www.davidslijper.com/ (Such a small photo 😦 ) 9 + 10.  http://www.rouvre.com/

Go check out these websites as there are MANY more amazing photographs by these artists!!  Also here are two more websites with some amazing photos!!  In the second one you should go to the Personal and then Travel part and look at the Varanasi pictures!! I love those ones a bunch!




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