Get Your Sweater On!

On February 17th, Canadians across the country – from politicians in the House of Commons to myself and some awesome people from Saskatoon – turned down the heat and celebrated in sweaters. It was a good day.

This was a video promoting National WWF’s National Sweater Day. It is love.

You may ask yourself what was this National Sweater Day and well . . .

National Sweater Day gives Canadians the opportunity to show their commitment to the planet by turning down their thermostats. Wearing a sweater is a symbolic gesture of support for rethinking our energy consumption and using energy in a more conservative way. It’s a fun, quirky and energetic way of starting new dialogue about energy, and building buzz about one of the most critical environmental issues of our time.

But you are wondering: But why would we every want to do such a silly thing as this and well . . .

About half of Canada’s ecological footprint is the result of carbon emissions from transportation, heating and electricity, all of which contribute to climate change. We need to aggressively reduce Canada’s carbon footprint by implementing measures that would slow greenhouse gas emissions, like increasing energy efficiency standards and promoting alternative sources.

Turning down the thermostat by three degrees can make a big difference in fighting climate change. In fact, if every Canadian turned down their thermostat in the winter, we could save 2.2 megatonnes of carbon dioxide per year. That’s like taking 350,000 cars off the road.

And NOW that you know that – when the second annual National Sweater Day rolls around next year you will be prepared to take part!! And will already have spent a year thinking more consciously about energy consumption and what your carbon footprint is looking like.

So my National Sweater Day

Just all ready to go to school for the day in our AMAZING sweaters!! ❤

Then after a day of school  . . .  I went to a play (The Occupation of Heather Rose) with my lovely friend Thomas – and we were obviously in our sweaters!! And then afterwards headed out to Moxies in our SWEATERS to celebrate both National Sweater Day and the start of our February Break!

I hope all who participated in National Sweater Day had the most lovely and amazing time and also stayed warm!!  And let’s get all eco-friendly this year and get ourselves ready for National Sweater Day next year. Yeh. Yeh.
Done. and. Done.

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