procrastinating like it’s my day job.

This past week – plus a few days (from thursday afternoon until tomorrow morning) – has been my February Break which, to some is known as reading week or maybe some call it Spring Break.  I think that February Break is the best name for this week as it is a break and it happens to occur in February.  Those other two well lets take reading week first.  Okay yes that is an amazing idea – have a week to read . . . ‘read what?’ you may be thinking.  Well, I guess your text books for school or maybe just a good book.  I wanted to do a lot of both of those things during this week and a bit but well I did not do as much as I was planning.  Example:  I wanted to read all of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and I must admit I only made it to page 180 – not very far at all.  Also I have a psych midterm on Tuesday so I wanted to do all the readings that will be on that midterm – I have yet to touch my psychology text-book let alone the notes!  Now for the Spring Break idea – okay that might be all amazing and such if it were actually spring or you were going somewhere that was above 0.  But really that is not a practical name when you are living in Saskatchewan!  I mean it was like -30 half the time and I was afraid I may freeze like a statue while walking to my car that may or may not even start.  So conclusion – FEBRUARY BREAK! This week was FEBRUARY BREAK! Secretly I wish it would have been a spring break as warmth is my favorite friend!

So I just took a break and the majority of it consisted of me finding ways to procrastinate from ever touching homework or text books and changing the break into one of reading and homework. So I procrastinated LIKE A BOSS.  I made a sweet as video – which is in a post about two past (Winter Wonderland) and what I spent the majority of my time doing was organizing and making my iTunes just beautiful!!  To do that I had to find the album artwork and for some songs find out what they were even called as to me they were known as Track 01 or 15, etc.  And there was a lot of those!!  So oddly enough two dear friends (one happening to be my sister) came across different things about procrastination and ended up sharing them with me.  So I will now share them with you!!

This first one is perfect.  Andrea (my lovely sister) knows that I am mastering the art of procrastination and well sent me this lovely picture.  Now it actually is fairly accurate – I may add in a few things that I do but I mean YouTube and Facebook and this lovely blog and other people’s blogs are things I do when procrastinating – also trying to think of someone I could text or like I did this week iTunes clean up!  So ya this is really great – I especially like the live vicariously through other’s pictures and read about MOSTLY uninteresting.  Andrea will tell each other we will live vicariously through each other if something exciting is happening to the other so this just made it even better!!  Also the e-mail part and marking it as unread – wow am I bad for that – I want to reply to messages but will I  – I will probably re-read it and then mark as unread again and will think about how I should reply.  Here is the amazing chart thingy. . . .

So next lovely thing I was shown by a friend (Garrison) was someone elses blog about becoming responsible and adult like. This also is like great for me sometimes.  I like not being a real adult yet but a fake adult hah – grocery shopping is not my cup of tea and  neither is going to the bank!  Yup like the end – Internet FOREVER!! hah

Read it – love it – share it!

p.s I am currently procrastinating from reading my psychology text-book and preparing for that midterm!


One thought on “procrastinating like it’s my day job.

  1. since i cannot just push the “like” button. I will just send this saying…that I LOVE this blog. Wonderful, wonderful.

    Love all the procrastinating. And I love the ideas behind why it should be called February Break.


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