the girl who cried phone.

So I have been on a horrible hiatus from blogging lately and I apologize for that!!  I have been very busy and life has been hectic lately so I will update you on something that happened weeks ago!! This may be quick and spotty as I am in a lecture right now that I did not even want to come to but felt as if I had to as it is a guest speaker – they are usually on the finals!

So a few weeks ago – actually on the day before I went home for February break I decided to do something I have always wanted to do – but have just been to ‘scared’ to do it!! Now if you know anything about me you will know that I have a piece of junk phone named PINKY!!  If you don’t know this well I have had pinky for about four years and she was given to me for free.  And over the years we have spent together I have cracked the front screen and wore the buttons down greatly!! So I have talked for years about how the next month I was going to buy a new phone – and it never happened. I kind of became the girl who cried phone. I kept saying I was going to get one and thinking about it and looking at phones with it never happening. I was too attached to Pinky I mean we had a love – hate relationship!  Sometimes she would turn off without warning or send the same message like six times but I still loved her.

Anyways so you are like oh my word she probably ALMOST bought a new phone on that day she went home.   But my dear blog followers (who I love dearly) I bought myself a new phone that day.  I had heart palpitations through the whole purchasing ordeal and thought I would have a heart attack saying good-bye to Pinky but I did it and I am still up and running and in full-blown love with my new phone (Brain I like to call her – that is her middle name she needs a first name still . . .)

Okay on that date of February 15th, 2011 I committed to a relationship with my iPhone!! My iPhone is beautiful and I am in love with it as I have mentioned previously.  So ya I was so anxious buying it because I have never had to be committed to something like this before – I mean i have 3 years that i have to be with it and i have to pay for it monthly!!!  Well for Brooke that is a big deal!!

So, now I am iPhone crazy . . . I was always apple crazy but like that craziness increased like 100 fold!! I am addicted to doing things on my phone and finding new apps and just learning all like handy tricks for it and stuff. 🙂 Yah!!  So now I have said good-bye to Pinky which was very hard to cut ties with it and I have formed a brand new bond with my new phone ______ Brain Hindmarch!!

So yup I am in love and this relationship will last forever and I don’t think this commitment will be a hard one to keep!!

In Summary:

– I love my iPhone

– I do miss Pinky but it was time for the relationship to be terminated 🙂

– I no longer am the girl who cried phone – I am the girl who bought the most epic phone!

– If you know any sweet as apps I should get LET ME KNOW or if you know any sweet as tricks and tips LET ME KNOW!! Thanks 🙂



2 thoughts on “the girl who cried phone.

    1. hah true!!
      it was a huge jump from the old one!!

      “Just when I thought you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself!”

      Just an amazing quote from Dumb and Dumber!! 🙂

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