sweet sugar candyman

The Official Invitation:


Colorful people and whimsical places will take us through a journey of magic and fantasy!!

Tile your way over into our candy land dream land!
Where you will be mesmerized by the vibrant feel from the candy and colors of the rainbow!

Choose your candy colors and be sure to wear them brightly!

There will be colorful candy, drink and decorations!!

Candy Coma may be induced!


This party was put on Andrea and I’s ‘shaking it up‘ list – a list of things we want to complete as soon as we can.  I made this list at the beginning of February when I decided I needed to do things I enjoy and not be so lame! 🙂  Now it is a pretty good list of things with probably like at least 25-30 things on it.  So it had been about a month with this list before we completed the first thing off it!!  It took us a long time to plan this epic party and I think it was a huge success.  So we now can not wait to complete more things of our list (this weekend we should be doing two of them!) and have them be equally or even more amazing then the first!

Now before you think no one was at this party as all i have showed you is pictures of like decorations – here are some of the candy people.  I will only post a few as there are like a few hundred photos from the evening and I am definitely not putting them all on here!!

We set up a photo booth in the hallway so we could really have some unique memories from the evening.  Now I only put one picture on here as I think there were about 150 pictures on my computer after the evening.  There were definitely a lot of interesting pictures taken and we even had some random costume things that people could wear for them – as seen below Kim is wearing some mini mouse ears!  Yup so the photo booth was a success and I think something that pretty much every party should have!! 🙂

Then the party had one of the greatest party pranks ever.  So near the end of the night a few super awesome candy party people decided to tie all the guest shoes together. It was super funny when Vinny and Cody went to leave and Vinny tried to pick up his shoe and like a bunch of other shoes came with it!  It was yup really funny – so when someone wanted to leave they had to untie their shoe from the lovely mass and then they were allowed to be on their way.


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