will you go past the hour?

This past Saturday my sister and I had a handful of people over for Earth Hour 2011. A couple of our amazing friends brought a lovely cake that represented the world and had a few famous landmarks made with toothpicks on it. So during our hour we decided to do the ‘chill’ thing and just eat cake and enjoy each others company.
Now one of the main points that was to be made through Earth Hour was to get people to start thinking about how they are going to go past this hour in making the world a more well earth friendly place.
We decided to literally go right passed the hour and keep the lights off and hang out by candle light for the majority of the party which, went late into the evening.

But now what – what will we do to be more ‘green’?

Will we start opening our blinds more and using that natural light when in our homes or work places, start using energy-efficient light bulbs, riding the public transit or getting an energy and water saving dish washer.

I guess in our household we are going to continue doing what we try to do and be efficient at . . .

– unplugging things when they are not in use (microwave, lights, hair straighteners, etc.)

– recycling everything we can!!

– taking the bus to school 😦

– buying recycled paper – which I love!!

– using energy-efficient light bulbs!

– cold water to do laundry

– I have always wanted a compost bin – so we will see if I can get one this summer 🙂

The list could maybe go on . . . but now that you know a few of the things my little apartment household is going to try to do why don’t you share a green idea or two with us!! 🙂


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