So it has been a spell since my last post – I guess maybe I felt a tad defeated after all that went on and the stuff that was said to me after my last post.  But I decided that is no reason for myself to stop posting!!  So I am going to share with you what I did for TOMS One Day Without Shoes.  I had done a post on this in January just letting everyone know what it was and what it was all about so hopefully you read that if not you can go check it out at – also in the video below my sister and I explain a bit about what One Day Without Shoes is all about and why people are doing it!

So April 5th, 2011 was the official day this year for One Day Without Shoes.  I was on campus for the majority of the day and was the only person I saw without shoes however I saw a handful of people wearing Toms shoes and that made me happy!! 🙂  I guess April is not a good month to go without shoes here in Saskatchewan as the sidewalks are either full of snow or muddy!!

Light lunch outside at the U of S in between lectures.

Coming home from dancing in the park with Andrea and Tyler.

In the afternoon I really wanted to go dancing in the park so I got my lovely sister Andrea and our new amazing neighbor Tyler to join me for some dancing without shoes!

I promised to do the Born This Way dance for you all. And I have the majority of the dance down however I have not learned a few of the pieces as school has started to take over my life as I write my first final tomorrow (insert anxious look and feel here). However, in this video when we dance to that song I do bits and pieces of the dance so I guess you could say it is kind of like a sneak peek at what will hopefully be coming soon (well soon as in when finals are done!)

So enjoy the video below! I made it yesterday as I spent the whole day procrastinating from studying . . . sorry it may be a tad long! 🙂


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