this is will be the MOST challenging.

April 13th is officially declared ‘Seventeen Beauty Peace Day’, to remind us that our beauty and confidence comes from within!

What is Seventeen Beauty Peace Day?

Make a pledge to go makeup-free for the day, along with Whitney Port, her best friend Andrea, and the whole Seventeen staff!  And myself 🙂

I believe Beauty Peace Day is a great way to impact young women as there is so much pressure today to be a certain way.  I feel this myself – always taking three-four-maybe more (that rhymed 🙂 ) looks at myself and what I am wearing and how I look before leaving my house to go somewhere.  I am always self-concious about my outward appearance and how people perceive me.  And don’t get me wrong here I love getting myself ready to go out and look all pretty or whatever.  And I do believe it is important to take notice to how you look and keep care of your outward appearance.  However, I believe the outward appearance is getting way to much attention compared to who someone truly is on the inside.  Young women today pay so much attention to the women and girls they see on television and in the magazines and feel that social pressure to be what they are seeing.  This is also what leads guys to have this idea of the perfect girl – which in most cases is not reality at all!  This makes girls feel insecure and makes them constantly fret over what they look like.  I can see this again in myself as I will RARELY leave the house without makeup on.  When I think about the times I have it would be to go to my sisters to work out or maybe once or twice for a quick run to the grocery store (keeping my sunnies on the whole time)!  Even the one time when I went to McDo’s without make-up I was sure to make eye contact with zero people even the person I was giving my order too. So there you have it the one thing I never share – that I am very self-conscious.

So I believe that this one day to try to be your natural beauty and to go without makeup is a really unique idea.  I hope that a lot of girls and young women do it and feel completely beautiful in their own skin!!  I hope they realize that it is their inner beauty that comes shining through and that is what people really want to see. I hope these young women who take part will be inspired to become more self assured and let their inner beauty be unleashed! 🙂

I am so scared about waking up tomorrow and putting on  zero makeup on.  So please wish me luck that I can actually make it without putting on make up!!

Also, the Seventeen website has a few vows that people can make for Beauty Peace Day.  I’ll just post a few here for you – the ones I like the most!!

I vow to…

  • Stop using the word ugly to describe my appearance – the more I say it, the more I convince myself that it’s true. (It’s not!)
  • When I’m having a “bad beauty day” (my hair is greasy, my acne feels out of control), I’ll use my favorite go-to lip gloss or spritz on my favorite perfume to feel better, instead of letting it ruin my whole day.
  • Resolve to simply say thank you when I receive a compliment about my looks, instead of thinking I don’t deserve it. (I do!)
  • Embrace the things about my face that make me unique (accept the mole, love the eye color, be nice to the nose!) because the world is a better place when not everyone looks exactly the same.
  • Surround myself with positive people I admire for their kindness, courage, confidence – that’s real beauty.
  • Stop spending hours in front of the mirror focusing on what I don’t like. Because the most beautiful things about me are what come from inside – the sparkle in my eyes and the warmth in my smile.

Okay so I choose all of those and I vow to follow them.  I will have trouble with them and I know that already so hopefully you lovely friends of mine out there can maybe help me stay on track with a few of these!!

Now who else wants to vow to these!?



2 thoughts on “this is will be the MOST challenging.

  1. I think this is another amazing post. I 100% agree. And I have seen you with and without makeup, you look amazing either way. So I look forward to seeing you tomorrow! I also think that this can go the direction of young men being confident in themselves, feeling good about there own appearance, because they too have unrealistic expectations of themselves. 8 packs, bulging arms, and huge pecs. It can affect anyone and everyone. So let us all love who we are, the way we look, the way we act, and of course, let us do it with the confidence we all deserve. Great post!

    1. Thank you Mark!!
      I was going to talk about young men to and how it affects them – the pressure to be manly and masculine. But decide I would stick with my own gender for this one! But yes thank you for putting that!!

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