In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different – Coco Chanel 

I have been trying to study for a few days now and I must say I have been failing miserably!  But tomorrow is my last final of my third year!  So that is joyful news to my ears.  However, tomorrow at 9am I have an important interview and I am feeling the MOST anxious about it!!  So here I am going to blog about things I enjoy – post some pictures and videos – to take my mind off my stress and anxiety about tomorrow!  So if you wouldn’t mind could you pray for me tomorrow at nine?

The one good thing he ever gave me was this song:

I love it when my parents come to Saskatoon!!  I miss them both dearly and am super excited because in a week I will be sitting at home (my favorite place in the world to be) with them!!  And during my short time at home I can do some sewing and take some pictures outside (I have an idea and hopefully I can do it-fingers crossed) and read some Harry Potter!!  It will be an AMAZING time!!

I heard this song one day on tv and now I LOVE it and well the band I love too!! I want to do some of the stuff they do in this video.

So some of our friends are moving out of their flat and going home for the summer.  Thankfully their home is only half an hour out of the city which will make it easy for them to come visit us or for us to go visit them!!  However, it is still sad that they are moving out of their place and will not be around always!! So last night we all hung out again and just had fun together in their house – for probably the last time all together 😦  So to commence the times there my sister and I bought a cake for everyone that was awesome.  If you don’t understand why it is a unicorn just go check out ‘Charlie the Unicorn’ on YouTube. Then to conclude the night we did a classic group hug and discussed all the amazing memories we could remember from the house!  They were awesome memories but we are excited to make new ones in new places 🙂

Now I have a few more post ideas and have got them started so maybe tomorrow after my interview I will finish one or two of them up and then after my final at 2 I can start to have some fun and have more exciting things in my life to blog about.  Such as getting a video of Born this Way up for all of you!!



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