a week in photo.

A week at home in photo.  

Le voyage commence

Le hat from Asia .

Le Kitty Toulouse and I.

Lent is over bring on le red wine!

Snogging.  The word we love. Thank you Harry Potter. 

Sisters ❤

so much snow. please summer where have you gone?

Woah check out that snow bank. 

Early birthday to the lovely sister. 

Water and Ice where it should not be. 

Home was a lovely time and now being back in the city I really don’t know what to do with myself.  The city makes me sad sometimes and I don’t really know why.  I think it might be like the feeling of being trapped in the city – you are surrounding by so much stuff.  And out in the country you can stand outside and be in silence and look out into vast emptiness.  You may be alone but you don’t feel loneliness. 

Anyways, hopefully you enjoyed some pictures from my Easter holiday at home and that it did not bore you to death! 🙂  There are some sweet snow pictures in the post below from the blizzard that happened when we were home!  So go check that out too!!



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