he ate my heart.

Sunday Night. 

PVR of Lady Gaga: The Monster Ball in Madison Square Garden. 

Thomas and Brooke and Cupcakes in Saskatoon. 

The perfect Sunday evening. 

So I have always been a fan of Lady Gaga – but only because of what I heard on the radio – so because I liked her well known hits!  Watching Monster Ball I was able to realize that I actually love numerous other songs and that she is one very talented performer! 

Therefore everyone should go listen a few of her not so big hits such as So Happy I Could Die, Show Your Teeth, Dance in the Dark, Monster and all the  other ones out there!! Go check it out and then buy her new album Born This Way out May 23rd (which also happens to be my sisters birthday – it will be a great day 🙂 )

I blogged about her fashion a few months ago because she just amazes me with the different and amazing creations Haus of Gaga comes up with.  Therefore I will not go on now about how much I love her style and her creativity! So enjoy this video and how beautiful she is! 

p.s – i think Show Me Your Teeth is my new favorite song . . . oh dear.



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