it is getting crazy up in here.

I have two crazy things going on in my life for the next 3-ish weeks.  One of which is Spanish and the other a contest through the radio station c95.

Okay so the first one Spanish – it is the 12 week semester class squished into a three weeks course.  Now the amount of memorization is INSANE! So many words to remember and on top of all of those words is grammar.  I don’t like grammar at the best of times and learning another languages grammar is not an easy task let me tell you!  So next week I have THREE quizzes (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).  It will be a week of death I think!  I think I am enjoying it and will be happy if i can speak a little bit of Spanish but at the same time I am questioning my decision to take it.  Why didn’t I just take some sort of philosophy class where all I had to do was go to a lecture!?

So the second thing . . . The contest:  Living with Rob and Shauna.  Now I have a life-size cardboard cut out of them.

There is a list of 120 places or people that we have to try to get a picture with.  Myself and Rob and Shauna have to all be in the photo and you have to be able to tell that the photo is actually taken where it is supposed to be.  Now each picture is worth a different amount of points and in the end whoever has the most points win.  What do you win!?  The winner is awarded $2000.  Now I really want to win this competition because I am going away for school next year and this would be SO helpful!!  So I have a really good incentive to win it.  However, some of them are very hard!! Ah!
But this is where you can also come in and join me to take pictures in random places and some difficult.  It will be fun though so let me know!!!

Anyways, this makes the next like three weeks of my life the craziest!! It will basically be filled with Spanish and trying to get pictures with my cardboard cutout.  Plus I would like to have a little bit of fun thrown in there!!!

So now I must go eat something and either study Spanish or take pictures.  Ah decisions!!

Hasta la vista!


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