hap-happy birthday!

Weekend of last was my sisters 22nd birthday . . . yes she is getting SO old!! A young dinosaur really.  So seeing as she always likes things to be like huge and crazy we celebrated all weekend!  So I have some pictures from going out.  We did like an amazing supper at The Ivy with the fam jam.  It was lovely.  And the waiter was just like the most amazing.  I kind of want to marry him – he was that good.  We became friends . . . and I am seriously not joking when I say that.
Here are some photos for your enjoyment . . .

All of us at The Ivy 

The sisters at The Ivy

Nom Nom Nom . . . Amazing Birthday Cupcakes

So on the sisters actual birthday we went out for supper with a few of our most lovely friends and had supper and then back to our house for cake.  The most chocolatey cake. So I will share one photo.  Andrea, Kim and I . . . Two girls I l-o-v-e!!

Birthday Girl, Kim, Brooke

Now not trying to sound all like self-absorbed or whatever but I am a good sister I would say.  I am sure that Dre would agree with me.  However, this birthday I did a sister fail.  I got my gift late!! I knew what I wanted but my love to  procrastinate got the best of me.  I bought the gift online on the DAY OF her 22nd birthday.  Woah huge life fail.  At this point I thought about how badly I need to re-evaluate my life!  So considering I had to wait to pick up the epic gift till Friday! I decided to make the gift better by making my sister a sweet as card.  Now I know I am not like good at drawing or anything but I kind of love doing it.  So I made her a card.  I mean homemade is like way better right.  So I threw together a birthday card.  I drew in the odd way I like to . . .  Now on the inside of the card I gave her a hint as to what the gift would be.  I drew a ton of stick people, two of them being us, and then two people on a stage singing tunes.  Now Andrea thinking she was being all clever guessed that I bought her maroon 5 tickets.  Well lets just say she was pleasantly surprised when she ripped into that toms box!!

The outside of the card.  Take notice to the person on the left wearing a cape and the lovely fish on the shirt.  

My sister is supa sexy and I am her most fav sista eva! 

The beauty all put together

Now she opened it and was the MOST elated because I got her TEGAN AND SARA tickets for Jazz Fest.  This silly lady was all like ‘oh who shall i take with me!?’  What a big loaf . . . I mean she is obv taking her most fav sista eva . . . ME!!  So yah we are super amped for this super sick show we are going to go to.  Also Dre won tickets to the Macy Gray concert at Jazz Fest so we are hitting up two of the big time shows and supa elated about it 🙂
The lateness of this gift just added to it and made it even better when it was like a shock what it was . . . just lovely!!

I snagged her in her relaxin’ threads and got a snap

Hasta Luego!


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