follow up and thoughts.

Just another follow-up . . .

Back in April I blogged about how I was going to go a day without makeup for ‘Seventeen Beauty Peace Day’.  This was a day to be reminded that our confidence and beauty come from within.  So I ended up doing it and was so nervous about it but the day went fine from what I remember!  Now there were a few vows that I made and definitely forgot exactly what they were so I am going to repost two or three of them as a reminded to myself again on the ones I really need to work on.  So here they are:

~ Stop using the word ugly to describe my appearance – the more I say it, the more I convince myself that it’s true. (It’s not!)
~ Surround myself with positive people I admire for their kindness, courage, confidence – that’s real beauty.
~ Resolve to simply say thank you when I receive a compliment about my looks, instead of thinking I don’t deserve it. (I do!)

So on this topic I will post a picture that is just me being my crazy self without my makeup on – and normally I would not post a picture for all to see without my makeup but the lighting was amazing so the color is super exposed or whatever which just makes you look better ha 🙂

Anyways I just wanted to post this because I feel if I post about how I want to do this I will be better reminded of it because when I look back on my posts like I just did I will be like ‘oh my word, I have not been doing this enough and such’.  It is so easy to forget that it is not all about what is on the outside but seriously all about what you are like on the inside.  I have awesome friends and we feel super comfortable saying what we thinking in front of each other but sometimes the stuff you hear them say and the stuff you hear yourself say to them just makes you realize why girls (and guys!) are so concerned about their outward appearance.  Like the things the guys say (or girls!!) about other people – about their weight or their hair can be not very nice at times.  And if you hear someone saying something about someone else what do automatically think?  About yourself maybe?  You starting thinking about yourself (at least I do . . .) – oh my hair is not long enough, my arms aren’t thin enough, my clothes are new enough and the list goes on.
Anyways I guess I just wanted to say how we should (myself included) try and be more okay with who we are and what we look like. Try and be ourselves and not act how we think people want us too.  To be true to ourselves and to others.  It is such an easy thing to say or to write down and such a hard thing sometimes to actually do.  So my challenge to myself and to you out there where ever you may be is to be exactly who you want to be and surround yourself with people who love you for just who you are!  Now lets all go out there into this wonderful world God created for us and be amazing people and be confident in who we are and how we look!

Peace, love and bubblegum 🙂


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