sask jazz – night number one.

Macy Gray 

Sask Jazz Festival – first show I went to was Macy Gray!!  My sister was the lucky winner of two tickets to this performance and am I ever happy we got out to it!!  Now I have not listened to Macy Gray in quite some time but obviously had “I Try” in my head the whole time as well it is the song that everyone thinks of when you hear Macy Gray!!  So I decided to check out whatever happened to her.  In my little search I figured out that in 2009 – 10 years into her music career – she was a free agent and her last stuff had not done so well.  This left her feeling pretty hopeless and rejected as she didn’t get any call backs from any of the hot producers and song writers she checked out.  However, this is probably what helped her do exactly what she wanted and her way.  She got some space for super cheap and was able to go in a write her own music with words that had a meaning to her.  She was on the verge of a sellout and ended up making it into something amazing!  She now has this amazing album titled “Sellout” and her name is back out there!  She will still always be known for her single “I Try” but I think some of these new songs will help make a name for herself in todays younger age.  So now that you know that about her I can tell you all about how much I  LOVED seeing her in concert!!  So she has like this amazing vibe to her – just so full of life and she knows how to interact with the crowd so well!  I will tell you a few highlights of the show beside the amazingness of getting to see Macy Gray.  Okay one – her back up singer was just on fire – she was so sexy and knew exactly how to work it!!  Second, during one song this guy came out with poster boards of they lyrics and it was just super sick – that explanation sounds super lame and does not do justice but trust me on the fact of it being just fly.  

So I don’t know much else to say but I will put up a few pictures from the first night of Sask Jazz Festival and a video I took of “I Try”  and I’ll put up the music video for another song of hers that I love which also happened to be the encore!  
So basically I am just so happy that Andrea won tickets to this show and to Sask Jazz for being amazing and having contest and stuff for us music lovers to win tickets!!
Thank you Sask Jazz Festival!!! 🙂
Chilling in the grass before the show

The lovely and ever so beautiful singer with Macy Gray. 
Ah isn’t she just spectacular!! 
And now just the song that I LOVE!

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