my love grows fonder.

Michael Jackson – King of Pop – August 29, 1958 to June 25, 2009

June 25th, 2011

Two years has pasted since Michael Jackson passed away.  If you know me at all you know that I basically love MJ.  He is the King of Pop and was so very influential on dance.  I may have even wrote in my ‘about’ section about my love for him.  Anyways I have like a ton of MJ stuff such as some sweet as t’s and a book and some posters and a bag and I went to a tribute concert last year.  So I am a fan – maybe a die hard fan you could say.  Yup it is pretty intense.

Anyways I love vinyls and well on the anniversary of MJ’s death my sister and I happened to stroll into an amazing vinyl store.  I always am in search of a mint MJ vinyl.  Oh what did my eyes come across – TWO THRILLER VINYLS!!  Okay the original one and then like the 25th anniversary edition! Oh just mint!! I was the most happy!! So here are pictures of them and me with them . . . in my MJ shirt.  I know I know I am super cool!!

The albums. Left side – the original Thriller.  Right side – Thriller 25th Anniversary 

Flip side of the 25 anniversary vinyl – just a beauty! 

Okay so now that I have shared my undying love for the creative and talented side of Michael Jackson I will let you all go back to you day and maybe read of stuff that might like impact you in some super important way.  But I wanted to show you this because well it is AMAZING and I think everyone has like a little bit of love for MJ as an artist.

With the love, L.O.V.E. 



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