Sask Jazz – night number two

Keys N Krates

Keys N Who? you may be saying right about now.  Oh well let me tell you!!

Keys N Krates – the ultimate live-remixing experience.  Now you might be thinking well what the heck is that and how is that even humanly possible.  Oh my friend it is!!  And it was done Saturday the 25th at Scratch for Saskatchewan Jazz Festival!! These guys are not your normal like dj-type style but totally putting a new vibe on it by not only have a turntablist but having live music being played and throwing in amazing music genres from different times . . . mind – freaking- blowing!

Who are these guys who do this new-odd and totally crazy as thing.  Let me introduce you:

Adam Tune = drums

DJ Jr-Flo = turntables

Matisse = keys

So myself and my sister and a few of our super cool new friends headed out for a night of some new music being offered to us by the amazing Jazz Festival.  Once again – like Macy Gray – I have Sask Jazz to thank for my tickets as I won myself a pair to this show too!  Now that I have won two sets of tickets I have officially realized that I love this festival and next year will hit up mucho shows!!

Now because I love photographs and videos I will insert a few below for your enjoyment!

Pre-show photo of lovely people – Andrea, Branden, Cody

Myself and Branden


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