Sask Jazz – Night Number Three

Tegan and Sara

Now I don’t have to much to say other than they are an amazing musical experience! They knew how to entertain us through their amazing music but also through the way they interacted with the audience and the stories they told.  They just compliment each other so very very well!!

Now I would normally just go on and on forever about like how awesome the show was and what not but it was like mucho time ago and my memory is not my friend right now so I can’t really spout off any awesome specific things.  However, amazing moment . . . when it rained – we were all like hoping it was not going to rain because you don’t want the show to end prematurely right.  But the rain came at the perfect time and in the perfect amount.  With only a few songs left and just as they were doing a happy birthday song to the people of Saskatoon it started to rain.  It was awesome because it gave the audience a new fresh life (as it was crazy hot and humid) and we all ended off the concert with this amazing new vibrance!  It was an amazing moment and an amazing end to the long awaited show!

Thank you Sask Jazz Festival for bringing us someone who is just mind blowing!

Bitches be crazy (those with me will get this . . .) ha


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