These words can all be used to described what has happened to my world of blogging.  Now the reason for my lack of blogging is not because it was summer and I became all busy doing fun summer activities and neglected it.  But it was to do with my lovely technology I use to accomplish these things I call blog posts.

Why this hiatus then?

The Answer . . . Anderson Copper.  My Silver Bullet. (aka my MacBook Pro)

 I have officially come to realized that I was given a lemon of a MacBook Pro.  This realization came with great difficulty.  I went through the five stages of grieving.  And yes that denial stage did last me quite sometime! Anyways after trying to fix the silly thing myself and it not working.  I gave up and took it in.  Turns out my hard drive cord was the problem and they fixed it.  So – fingers crossed – that was the only problem and now my silver bullet will run as smoothly as it did when I first fell in love with it!!  So now that the grief the silly thing put me through is over I should be able to get back into throwing some posts your way!!  I mean there should be a lot of stuff to come as I have been MIA all summer!!

So basically all I have to say is stay tuned for some pretty awesome stories and pictures and videos and all that jazz!

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