Okay so I live in a pretty amazing city.  The longer I live here the more and more I learn and like discover within the city.  Interesting events, unique places to eat and lounge, and just like cool different sites and sounds.  Anyways now that I have said that I found this cool like film-crew group thang. They do some sick media capturing within the city at different events, parties, festivals and such.  Okay so besides that they have a sweet as show that they call Babewatch . . .  Yup you heard me babewatch!  Anyways it is pretty awesome and well episode one is out and about for the people to watch so well lets not keep you waiting for it.

Okay well I hope you enjoyed that . . . if you did not well then I don’t know what is wrong with you as it is pretty awesome I guess. Anyways I shall share the website with you and like their twitter username thing or whatever you call that . . . and just to add to their social media they are also rocking facebook.!/threadsaskatoon

Anyways go check them out . . . as they put it they are ‘here to show the culture—not all that other boring stuff’.  Which is exactly what we need!



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