Sturgeon x 2

Summer 2011

Sturgeon Lake x 2

First time July Long weekend – pretty chill weekend  and mighty hot! 🙂

August Long Weekend – Things got a bit more out of control

The weekend was filled with well boating, swimming, rescuing ourselves from a broken down boat (which now is finally becoming funny), MARSHMALLOWS!, dancing, oh and many many more things 🙂

So I shall show you in photo 🙂

The weekend was a tad cold – silly wind.

My favorite thing is marshmallows – and smores comes along with that.

Might as well go for a midnight swim!

This is just one of the about 20 we took at that time! Photo crazy!

This one is pretty much self-explanatory.

Anyways that is the basic pile of what happened on the trip to the lake!! It was pretty much a blast and much needed!! Awesome times with awesome people what could be much better than that!!

Well anyways I really don’t feel like typing so hola!!


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