what has been missed.

So like I said umm threeish posts ago was how much I have failed at posting posts recently. Then I was all gungho (or however that fun word would be spelled) about being on my ‘A’ game and posting a bunch consistently!  Well that failed so here we go again.  Lets see what happens this time!!  So as I missed about half of the summer I have decided to just post the best pictures and maybe throw in a story or two in this one lovely post.  Hopefully you make it past the first picture and can actually enjoy what I put and then share it with your lovely lovely friends 🙂  I would like that!! 🙂


So we shall start with the one and only weekend I went home for the summer – now this is sad and rare for me as I love the farm in the summer!  So I have a couple of pictures I can put up from it!! Side note – I am luckily home as I type so I am a happy camper 🙂

This is my puppy Indy . .. not much of a puppy anymore but I love her to bits and pieces! ❤


Just being a crazy monsta

I saw this man who was dressed like you would imagine Jesus to be with his hair was longish, a burlap type dress thing and some jesus time sandles – oddly enough this was on the day that was ‘the rapture’

Animal print pants out control


I wanted to hit up the sandbar, umm ALL SUMMER and finally got there.  I went twice because I am a rock star and here is a photo from the amazing +30 day 🙂


These girls are pretty much EPIC.  We have some pretty awesome times when we get together. Crazy times really!  (Hint. check out one of my first ever posts) Anyways we rarely see each other but luckily this summer we saw each other WAY more than usually which made life so much better 🙂

So that is just a taste of the summer. May look pretty chill but it was a riot!  A good summer and a warm one!  I even was blessed to have a job I enjoy and am still at through school while I can!!  I may not have been able to go home near as much as I wanted but I had some epic times with friends and two amazing times at the lake 🙂

Now posts to come:  Some wicked videos and photos from a couple of concerts I hit up just in the near past.  And ya I am not totally sure what else but I am sure I can find some hopefully humorous things or whatever.  Let me know if there is anything you want to see from me or anything you want less of!!

Umm yup.  Adios!


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