So i am for sure failing on this whole blogging thing lately!!  And who is to say I will just continue on this horrible path of missing months of posting and such!  But I am going to try and get back on track for a while at least!! So lets see how this goes . . . again!!

So as it has been a whole semester pretty much since my last post (and yes I do tell time in semesters!) I have a ton I could talk about!  For one how I am done school pretty much!  I never have to attend another school lecture again (unless I actually attend grad school like I plan) and how I am preparing for my possible last finals I ever have to write.  It is kind of crazy thinking how fast time has actually gone.  I have been counting down the time to when I can leave Saskatoon for a few years now and now that the time is here it kind of scares me!  Where should I go!!??  What should I do!!?? Anyways . . . as a lot has happened I am thinking I can go through awesome events in my life or whatever and try to do like a post a week or maybe every few days as I will be leaving the country soon and then that will open up a whole new area of blogging!! 🙂

Okay so in the spirit of talking about school I will go with a posting some pictures of Welcome Week at the U of S and then some of a lovely Uni Party me and a couple lovely people attended 🙂

Bernie and I enjoying some sunshine 🙂 

This is what we sat beside . . . we thought this was a clever picture.

The group . . . Plus a couple random people who jumped on in on it!

The most amazing girls ever caught on film dancing it up! 

Anyways this was a really Lame come back but whatever I am super sleepy and this is about as good as what comes from a tired Brooke who should truly be studying or doing something of that sort!!
Instead I shall try to rejoin this awesome world of blogging!!  So until next time (which will hopefully be tomorrow) enjoy yourself!! 🙂

Peace and Love 🙂


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