Finally Worth It.

So my adventure to come to the Philippines began months and months ago!!  I found out I was accepted for this amazing experience last year around summer time!  It all seemed so unreal at that point and now I am finally here and starting the nursing experience tomorrow!!  The last few months have been busy and stressful trying to figure out what we needed to bring and not exactly knowing what would be happening once we arrived here.  So the packing and getting everything I needed to pack was pretty intense but finally made some piles in my room and I am pretty sure I remembered everything . . . at least so far I am doing well!!  My bag was a crazy 49 pounds . . . luckily not 51 as then I would have had to pay! Phew!!
So Sharaya ( and myself started the first leg of our trip on January 4th, 2012 at 7am!  We had a flight to Vancouver where we waited there for 5 hours then to Hong Kong (a 13 hour flight!) where I watched five movies and did some sleeping! Then a few hours in Hong Kong where we boarded our final flight to Manila!!

We finally arrived in Manila around midnight! We were SO Tired!! But finally the trip has begun!!  We are finally in the Philippines!! 🙂 After all this planning, excitement and stress it is all worth it! 🙂

So two days we spent in Manila drinking a lot of Starbucks and walking around!! The mall was HUGE and we decided that we could probably go bananas shopping in it!  Second suitcase here we come!! So we hung out in Manila and yesterday flew here to Iloilo!  It was a short flight but had probably the worst turbulence I have ever experienced!  So we got picked up at the airport but a couple of our teachers and three students!  They had a huge sign for us and gave us these sweet as necklace things . . . I forget what they are called right now but I will post later!!  Anyways we got here went for supper with all the students and then went to bed! We were all way tired!!

So now it is the 8th and we are hanging out in our dorm in Iloilo at St. Paul University!  Just relaxing for a bit until we get to have lunch and then go out and about on the town!!

So I would post some photos but it takes WAY to long I have come to know to do it on here so maybe when I get some better internet or something I will be able to share with you the lovely things I am experiencing!! But until then!! Good day!! 🙂


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