viva las vegas baby

Okay so sadly not actually las vegas but a very small version of vegas in my house . . .

So as I turned 21 this past November and could not make my way to Las Vegas for it my sister and I decided to bring Vegas to us!  So we set off on a very tiring and busy and lets just say a tad stressful misson of turing our house into a Vegas party!  After the numerous hours we put in and on our tight budget I think we put together a pretty well decorated house.  Have a look yourself . . .

My amazing dice birthday cake was made by my lovely sister as well as the mini cupcakes!!  I made the cookies and decorated it all with 21’s or what not!!  Anyways it was very fun and I think my sister and I did a lovely job of decorating for a party . . . maybe we went into the wrong profession 🙂

So it was a pretty fun party however I still don’t feel like I am 21!! So maybe once I get to actually go somewhere like Vegas it will hit me!! Anyways hope you enjoyed!!  🙂


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